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Network News is the official newsletter of Sociologists for Women in Society,

and is published four times a year.

SWS Network News Spring 2023 – PDF Spring

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*Please note that as of the June 2017 issue, we are no longer mailing Network News.

Here is what we include, and what you should know if you would like to contribute to an issue:

    • Member’s bookshelf announcements:  submit a summary/abstract of your book that is no more than 250 words, and a cover photo.
    • Announcements & Celebrations: Must be less than 50 words.
        • While we know many of our members support other professional sociological organizations, we are unable to include lengthy advertisements for upcoming conferences for these groups.
      • If you would like to request that a job ad be placed for your institution, please keep in mind the cost associated with doing so, and the timing of the next issue’s release.  The ad should be sent to both the Executive Officer ( for submission.
    • Regional & Local Chapter Reports: 400 words or less.
    • Officers & Guest Columns: 1000 words or less.
    • Feature Articles: 1500 words or less.
    • Committee Reports: You may submit a brief summary of your main points for Network News.


Call for Submissions for Next Issue of Network News 

Deadline for Next Issue is May 15, 2023

Submissions to be sent to Melissa D. Day, SWS Network News Editor at:



Submission Deadlines: 

  • Winter Issue: February 15, 2023
  • Spring Issue: May 15, 2023
  • Summer Issue: August 15, 2023
  • Fall Issue: September 15, 2023

Attention: For those submitting time sensitive materials, target dates for publication and mailing are: Summer-June 15, Fall-October 15, Winter-December 15, Spring-April 15.

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Past SWS Network News Newsletters:

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