Sponsor the SWS Meeting Program

2021 Summer Meeting Program Sponsorships

July 8 – 9, 2021, 2021 Summer Meeting

The SWS Winter Meeting Program is a great place to advertise your book, program, or even a congratulatory message. Your sponsorship is a great opportunity to gain the attention of the meeting attendees.
We will be posting our final program online on our website, and will be sharing it via social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook) as well. All sponsors will have their support prominently featured.
Our in-person 2020 Winter Meeting had over 300 attendees, our first Virtual Summer Meeting in 2020 had over 200 attendees, and we had more than 500 attendees for our first Virtual Winter Meeting in January 2021.

All sponsorships will be included in our final program. Logos of sponsoring entities will also be listed on the About page on the Virtual Meeting Website.

$100: All listed above.

$250: All of the above plus:
Logo will be displayed on the Virtual Meeting Website in order of highest to lowest sponsorship.

$500: All of the above plus:
Have the Opportunity to be highlighted in the Exhibitor Hall of the Virtual Meeting Website. Sponsors can provide written material or a flyer to be uploaded.

$750: All of the above plus:
Listed as a Sponsor of a Session
Get a personalized post on Social Media where we can include images and links.
(We have over 17,000 followers on Facebook and over 15,000 followers on Twitter)

$1000: All of the above plus:

Sponsor the Presidential Plenary
We will be sure to acknowledge your sponsorship via a thank you message from the organizers before the plenary begins.

Please contact SWS Executive Officer, Barret Katuna, at swseo.barretkatuna@outlook.com for more details.