Sponsor the SWS Meeting Program

2024 SWS Winter Meeting

January 25 – January 28, 2024
Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico
President-Elect: S. L. Crawley


The SWS Meeting Program is a great place to advertise your book, program, or even a congratulatory message. Your sponsorship is a great opportunity to gain the attention of the meeting attendees.
We will be posting our final program online on our website, and will be sharing it via social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook) as well. We have over 17,000 followers on Facebook and just under 17,000 followers on Twitter. All sponsors will have their support prominently featured.

Our Winter Meetings usually have about 300 attendees.

Sponsorship Packages:

All sponsorship levels will include:
Logo will be displayed on the Meeting Website and in the Digital Program.
Blog posts to thank sponsors which will also be shared on Social Media where we can include images and links.
Acknowledgement prior to your sponsored programming.

  • Conference Program Sponsor $350
  • Workshop/Session Sponsorship $500
  • Reception Sponsorship [Partial] $1,000
  • Reception Sponsorship $2,000.

Are you interested in sponsoring the 2024 Winter Meeting?

Please complete this form: https://sws.memberclicks.net/24wintersponsor!

Please contact SWS Executive Officer, Barret Katuna, at swseo.barretkatuna@outlook.com for more details.