Executive Office

Barret Katuna, Executive Officer

Barret Katuna became the full-time Executive Officer of Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) in January 2017. Barret has been a member of SWS since 2008. Her initial SWS involvement began with the International Committee where she served as a lead United Nations delegate to the Economic and Social Council for SWS.

Prior to working for SWS, Barret was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut from August 2014 – December 2016. Barret completed her Ph.D. in April 2014 from the University of Connecticut. The title of her dissertation is: Breaking the Glass Ceiling?: Gender and Leadership in Higher Education. While pursuing her Ph.D., Barret also earned certificates from the Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Program and Human Rights Institute. Barret has published her research in Societies Without Borders and Social Movement Studies. Barret is the author of Degendering Leadership in Higher Education (2019) published by Emerald Publishing. Barret is originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania and received a Bachelor’s Degree (French and Political Science) and Master’s Degree (Political Science) from Lehigh University before pursuing her graduate studies in Connecticut. Barret currently resides in South Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Natasha Santana, Administrative Officer

Natasha Santana is the Administrative Officer of Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS). Natasha first joined SWS as an intern in the Fall of 2017. Her first SWS Meeting was in 2018 in Atlanta. Natasha was promoted to the role of Assistant to Executive Officer in Summer 2018 and is presently serving SWS as our Administrative Officer as of March 2023. She graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2018 with a BA in Communication and a minor in Sociology.  Natasha is presently working on her MA in Interactive Media and Communications   Natasha is excited to see how much SWS has grown and looks forward to seeing what’s to come for SWS in the near future..

Feel free to email her with any questions you may have regarding SWS. Contact Natasha at: nsantana@socwomen.org