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Contact: Chair of Career Development Committee, Shauna Morimoto:

Thinking about changing jobs? Trying to get a paper published but you don’t know how to proceed? Need some help with the tenure and promotion processes? Considering a job outside of academia? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then the SWS Professional-Needs Mentor Program may be for you.

Mentoring junior women is part of the foundation of SWS. A mentor is usually a more experienced person who acts as a role model, teacher, guide, and cheerleader. Many of us have friends, faculty members, and colleagues who fulfill these roles. Sometimes, however, it is helpful to have someone outside of your institution who can offer guidance and counsel.

In the late 1980s, SWS began what was then called an Author-Mentor Program. Under this Program, SWS members who needed help with writing were paired with mentors who agreed to work with the authors for a year. In practice, many of these author-mentor relationships extended well beyond this scope, and the program evolved into one that paired junior and senior SWSers for a variety of different purposes.

Recognizing that there are many situations in which we might need mentoring, the program now focuses on matching junior and senior SWSers for a variety of projects such as: job hunting (job skills, interviewing, vitae writing, etc.), manuscript preparation, dissertation support, tenure and promotion review, and career development. Matches should be project specific and the initial match period is one year (though a more open-ended relationship could be negotiated by the partners).



If you are interested in being matched with a mentor and have a specific project, complete the Professional-Needs Mentor Program Application Form and email it, along with your CV and a brief description of the project you would like help with, to:


Heather Laube, Mentoring Manager:


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