The Hand Program

The Hand Program

This program is named after the late Jeanne Hand, a sociology Ph.D. candidate from Tulane University and active SWS member. It connects newer SWS members to more established members to have coffee or a meal during meetings. The purpose of the SWS Hand program is to informally meet people in SWS. SWS is a large organization, and meetings can be quite overwhelming. If you find professional meetings to be intimidating experiences filled with unfamiliar faces, the Hand Program can make meetings more welcoming. Members wanting mentorship should look into the mentoring program through SWS.

The Hand program takes a different format during the Summer and Winter meetings.

Hand Program at the Summer Meetings

The SWS hospitality room will serve as a place to meet people informally. New members will be directed to the drop-in hours that will be held in the Hospitality Suite. Check with the registration desk for help. They will direct you to the hospitality room. Please stop by!

Hand Program at the Winter Meetings

The winter meetings will involve individual one-on-one meetings with experienced SWS members. We “match” new members with a more experienced member of SWS for an informal meeting and welcome. (In other words, the Hand match program is not a formal mentoring meeting but a way to meet someone new). There will be a place to indicate your interest on the registration form, which will be available on the SWS website prior to the meetings.