SWS Publications Committee Announces Next SWS Network News Editor, Dr. Melissa D. Day

Announcing the Next SWS Network News Editor

Dr. Melissa D. Day

Photo of Dr. Melissa D. Day

Melissa D. Day, Ph.D. is a first-generation feminist scholar of social stratification and inequality. Her research examines how meaning is constructed at the intersection of gender, parenthood, paid work, and caregiving across the contemporary family life course, and subsequently the impacts and implications of these intersections in institutional contexts and individuals’ lives. Her projects include a critical examination of stepmothers’ roles in the family, gender differences in unmet needs for care among seniors, the gendered mental health implications of combining spousal care and paid work in later life, and the challenges low-income mothers face when combining breastfeeding with service work occupations, for example. Another line of research focuses on refinement of social science methods and measurement, including the utility of using family diagrams as part of qualitative interviewing and advocating for the refinement of how diverse family structures could be more accurately measured in survey research. Her work is published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, Teaching Sociology, Stepmom Magazine, and by the Carsey School for Public Policy. Also, a proud teacher-scholar, Melissa’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) work strives to make classrooms and universities more equitable and inclusive environments through rigorous pedagogy, mentoring, experiential learning opportunities, developing tools that help improve students’ study skills, and increased access to open educational resources. Melissa earned her Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire in 2019 and is a time of transition to finding her permanent home in, or parallel to, academia.

Melissa has been a member of SWS since the 2019 Winter Meeting in Denver, which was a professionally life-changing experience for her because of the generosity of the SWS membership. She views SWS as a rare professional space where she feels acknowledged as a whole person, and where she finds support from fellow scholars that share her feminist values. She looks forward to the opportunity to serve the SWS membership as the next Editor of Network News.

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