Starting a New Chapter

What is an SWS Chapter?
The SWS “chapter structure” is the formal mechanism through which SWS recognizes, connects with, and resources activities at regional, local, and even campus levels. The Chair of a chapter must be a current member of SWS, but those attending chapter events are not required to be members: chapters are great spaces to grow SWS awareness, support our mission, and build membership. 

What do SWS Chapters do?
Consider that current SWS chapters vary on their level of organization and frequency of engagement. A chapter might have a highly formalized structure, broad leadership, and regular activities. In other cases, a chapter might have one or two people who commit to organizing and hosting a single small networking or professional development event each year. 

What do I do if I want to start an SWS Chapter?
If you are interested in a local or more regionally focused connection with SWS, first check out the current listings for chapters.  If you have a chapter in your area, chances are you could organize within that chapter umbrella and even take on a leadership role! If you do not see a chapter listed that fits the reach of a chapter you would like to see in motion, consider starting one yourself. The Membership Committee Chapter Liaison and the Executive Office can answer questions and support you.

What is the budget and decision process involved in allocating funds to SWS Chapters?
Chapter funding requests are prioritized, along with requests from SWS standing committees and task forces. Local chapters are eligible for up to $250 a year and regional chapters are eligible for up to $500 per year. SWS requests that chapters secure matching funds from regional associations or local institutions when possible.

The SWS Treasurer works with the Executive Officer to announce two funding cycles a year with deadlines usually on the first of April and October.  Chapter leadership submits a short proposal through that process. To receive funds, the Chapter Chair is required to submit a short report and receipts to the Executive Office within 30 days after the event. 

SWS often promotes SWS sponsored events in Network News and through social media. The listserv is also a great medium for sharing information about an event.

For more information, please contact the SWS Executive Officer, Barret Katuna: