A group of people sitting at a conference table at the SWS Applied pnel

SWS Applied Sociology

The SWS Career Development Committee has launched a new initiative to support and engage applied sociologists. This new website portal is focused entirely on topics and concerns related to applied sociology. For example, you will find:

SWS members who are interested in and/or currently engaged in applied sociology can join the listserve. Instructions for joining can be found here.

Other applied initiatives being launched include:

  • The Career Development Committee (CDC) offers mentoring programs for aspiring and current applied sociologists. These include:

    • One-on-one matches in which we will match SWSers who applied sociologists with those looking for a mentor.
    • Peer mentoring groups, in which those interested and/or pursuing applied sociology careers meet to support one another and share knowledge and information.

    Find out more about the program, and click on the links to sign up to be a mentor or to receive mentoring!

  • Webinars on applied sociology
  • Workshops/panel presentations on applied sociology at SWS meetings
  • A formal statement on applied sociology for SWS
  • The potential for creating an Applied Sociology Award for SWS (or integrating applied into the Social Action award)
  • Lots more!