Applied Sociology Programs

Please note that these programs were solicited by Colleen Wynn from the SWS Applied Email List.

Cal Poly Humboldt – MA in Public Sociology

(from Mary Virnoche)

University of Indianapolis – MA and 4+1 (BA/MA) program in Applied Sociology

(from Colleen Wynn)

University of Northern Colorado – applied emphasis in MA program

(from Stephanie Wilson)

University of Tampa – applied bachelor’s program

(from Alissa Klein)

The Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology

(from Dani Jauk-Ajamie)

The Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology (CAPCAS) has a list of accredited programs.
Note: these are only applied programs “accredited” by CAPCAS

California Institute of Integral Studies PhD program

(from Penny Harvey)

The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) has a PhD that is designed to be an applied interdisciplinary sexuality program training people in education, policy, advocacy, and research. It’s designed for MA’s who are already in careers but want to build skills/move up. Our students typically continue careers with full or part-time work while in the program. We will be starting an applied MA in Fall 2024.

UMass Boston Applied Sociology Masters degree

(from Mindy Fried)

UMass Boston’s Applied Sociology MA program is “designed to help students understand the social forces that shape their world with practical training in research methods, statistics, and evaluation research. The program’s applied focus integrates research approaches and course work that emphasizes a wide range of faculty specializations.

Hunter College Masters in Applied Social Research

(from Mindy Fried)
The Department of Sociology offers an intensive program in social research leading to the Master of Science degree. The program is designed for individuals with a background in the social sciences who wish to pursue a career in research and related areas, as well as for those who wish to upgrade their research skills.

University of Louisville has an Applied PhD program (from Mindy Fried)

The doctor of philosophy in applied sociology is designed to train professional researchers at the highest level to follow the discipline’s focus on bringing scientific understandings to the study of social issues and problems, and to meet the growing demand for applied sociologists prepared to assume the responsibility for leadership on research projects dealing with social problems and issues or enter academia.

Applied Sociology MA degree at Northern Arizona University

This applied Master’s program allows students to design their coursework to reflect their personal interests, as well as choose between an internship or a thesis. Faculty have expertise in a range of areas including health, race and ethnicity, culture, community, environment, gender, social policy, deviance, social psychology, and demography.

Professional Science Masters in Applied Sociology at Temple University

The 31-credit Applied Sociology PSM program, which is affiliated with the American Sociological Association, builds advanced training across a slate of core courses focused on data analysis, qualitative methods, research design, research ethics and statistics. Students are encouraged to participate in seminars in other social science disciplines, including anthropology; criminal justice; gender, sexuality and women’s studies; geography and urban studies; history; political science; and psychology.