Hey Jane!

Hey Jane! is an advice column that addresses issues of interest to feminist sociologists and sociologist-activists. The name honors Jane Addams, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and a feminist sociologist whose work is not always recognized. This Q&A is hosted by the Career Development Committee, who solicits anonymous questions and responses from multiple SWS members. If you have questions or suggestions, please e-mail Susan Dietsch at HeyJaneSWS@gmail.com . All issues are listed below.

Hey Jane! Archives

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  • Hey Jane! Issue 43
    Advice on Service Loads
  • Hey Jane! Issue 42
    Negotiating and navigating a joint appointment
  • Hey Jane! Issue 41
    Becoming Internationally Engaged
  • Hey Jane! Issue 40
    Advice for Finding Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities
  • Hey Jane! Issue 39
    Making Cold Introductions
  • Hey Jane! Issue 38
    Advice for Graduate Students Seeking Mentors
  • Hey Jane! Issue 37
    Advice for First-Year Graduate Students: Picking a Topic & Committee, Finding Balance
  • Hey Jane! Issue 36
  • Advice for Undergraduates Considering Graduate School
  • Hey Jane! Issue 35
  • Free & Low-Cost Professional Development Resources
  • Hey Jane! Issue 34
    Dealing with a Difficult Chair
  • Hey Jane! Issue 33
    How can I start a local SWS chapter?
  • Hey Jane Volume 32
    Starting a shared space writing group.
  • Hey Jane! Issue 31
    P & T Clock Extensions
  • Hey Jane! Issue 30
    Advice on Honoraria 
  • Hey Jane! Issue 29
    Promotion to Full Professor. 
  • Hey Jane! Issue 28
    “I’m a leader in my department, and it’s quite clear that the ‘climate’ is not experienced as equally warm by all members. What can I do?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 27
    “How do I get published in Gender & Society?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 26
    “How Should I Negotiate What Seem Like Ever-Increasing Service Burdens? How Can Administrators Develop Best Practices for Service for Faculty?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 25
    “I need to get grants! What advice can you offer about seeking funding sources and putting together an application? What sorts of resources are available? Help!”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 24
    “I am currently on the market and preparing for my first campus interview. What advice can you offer as I prepare my job talk?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 23
    For this month’s Hey Jane! Column I asked you to send me your “best” piece of advice. Thank you to everyone who responded. I have organized what you sent (with minimal editing) into topics for quick reference.
    My personal top three “best” pieces of advice include:

    1. Learn how to say no.
    2. You will be the smartest person in the room during your dissertation defense.
    3. Done is better than perfect
  • Hey Jane! Issue 22
    “I am preparing for my 3rd year review and am wondering how to best address negative student course evaluations in my statement. I am particularly concerned that some comments seem to be a reflection of the student’s perception of my personal characteristics and feminist teaching style rather than a reflection of how much they have learned during the semester. Help!”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 21
    “I am on the job market and have been asked to participate in a phone interview. My departmenthas prepared me well for the on-campus interview, but I am less confident in my phoneinterviewing skills. Help!”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 20
    “Although I already have a tenure-track job, I have decided to go back on the job market. I am afraid that if I don not include a letter of reference from a colleague in my current department, then the search committees will think that I am underperforming in my current job. What advice can you give me about informing my current departmental colleagues about my job search?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 19
    “I want to cite my friend’s work in my new book, but I don’t know if it is appropriate to do because of our relationship. I do not want to recreate the ‘Old Boys Network’ of which I have always been critical.”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 18
    “My graduate training has prepared me well for a career in academia, but I would like to work outside of the academy. What do I do?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 17
    “I’m beginning to think about retiring from academia and I hear people talk about “planning” for retirement – what kinds of plansdo I need to make?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 16
    “My partner and I have both been offered fantastic jobs in different states. We are trying to decide whether or not to attempt a commuter relationship, what advice can you give us?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 15
    “I’ve just received a job offer. How do I negotiate?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 14
    “I am in a position where I occasionally have to help manage conflict between faculty members or between graduate students (or between faculty members and graduate students).”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 13
    “I have a sabbatical coming up, what are some interesting ways I could spend this time and what steps do I need to take to make it happen?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 12
    “How do I negotiate being pregnant or nursing an infant while I’m on the job market?”
  • Hey Jane Volume 11
    “I have been denied tenure at my institution, what do I do now?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 10
    “I am part of an academic couple, what advice can you give me and my partner on searching for jobs and negotiating a dual hire?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 9
    “I would like to get involved ASA governance and leadership. How do I get started?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 8
    “Negotiating family/pregnancy leave PART II: The view from administration…”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 7
    “Negotiating family/pregnancy leave PART I: The view from expectant parents…”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 6
    “Mentoring, Part II: How do I manage a mentor-mentee relationship?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 5
    “Do I need a mentor? What would I talk to a mentor about? How do I find a mentor?
  • Hey Jane! Issue 4
    “How can I meet more scholars in my area of specialization? How can I get my name known among scholars in my area?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 3
    “I earned tenure four years ago and am now swamped with committee work in my department and college/university that I was protected from before.  How can I find time to work on promotion to full?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 2
    “How/when can I say “no” to service work such as serving on committees, directing theses, etc.?”
  • Hey Jane! Issue 1
    “I’m not sure if I should put up a poster about a political rally on my office door. Should I?”