SWS Feminist Lecturer Award

History and Overview

The SWS Distinguished Lectureship was founded in 1985 as a way of recognizing members whose scholarship employs a feminist perspective, and of making this feminist scholar available to campuses that are isolated, rural, located away from major metropolitan areas, bereft of the resources needed to invite guest speakers, and/or characterized by hostility to feminist scholarship. A key goal of the program is to provide a feminist voice on campuses where such a perspective is unusual and/or unwelcome.

The lecturer will receive an award of $250 and must commit to presenting the lecture at an SWS meeting and on one US campus that meet the above noted criteria. A written version of the lecture will be published in Gender & Society.

The Lectureship originally carried the name of Cheryl Allyn Miller, but now there is a separate Cheryl Allyn Miller Award.

Contact: Subcommittee Chair: Kimberly Kelly, kkelly@soc.msstate.edu

2020 Selection Subcommittee: Kimberly Kelly, Katie Acosta, and Morgan Matthews

Deadline: October 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm EDT

Criteria for Selection

You must be an SWS Member to nominate and only current SWS Members will be considered for this award. Please login to the membership portal at: sws.memberclicks.net to submit your full awards application as one file.

Application Materials

  • Evidence of the nominee’s contributions to feminist scholarship
  • Evidence of the nominee’s ability to speak to a broad audience, e.g., non-academics, non-feminists, diverse publics.
  • Nomination Procedures
  • No more than 10 nomination letters should be included in the nomination packet.
  • One appropriate option is for a group of people to write one nomination letter and all sign it.
  • The candidate’s CV and all nomination letters should be submitted together in the application.
  • Nominations will be kept current for three years, after which they will be put aside for a year and brought in again if requested by the nominator. The nominators will keep the records and see to their currency. It is the nominators’ responsibility to contact the Lecturer Award Committee Chair annually to make sure the file is being considered and current.

Nominator(s) of winner and winner will be notified via email from the Executive Office.

Benefits of Award

Certificate (awarded at Winter Meeting Banquet)
$250 award
Winter Meeting Registration
Publication of lecture in Gender & Society

Expectations for Award Winner
Attendance at Winter Meeting to receive award
One campus visit during the academic year
Present lecture at Winter Meeting two years following the year in which award is presented (e.g., 2019 winner will give a lecture at Winter Meeting 2021)
Serve on Awards committee for 2 years (e.g., the 2019 winner will participate in the selection of the 2020 and 2021 winners)

Note: SWS pays transportation costs for the campus visit (up to $750 for domestic and up to $1500 for international) and the host campus provides room and board.

Past Winners

2020 Katie L. Acosta
2019 SWS Feminist Lecturer Award- Angie Hattery
2018 Award Not Given
2017 Julia McQuillan
2016 Mary Osirim
2015 Shelley Correll
2014 Manisha Desai
2013 Chris Bose
2012 Gayle Sulik
2011 Christine Williams
2010 Nancy Naples
2009 Silver Anniversary – Paula England
2008 Cecilia Ridgeway
2007 Evelyn Nakano Glenn
2006 Michael Messner
2005 Joan Acker
2004 Margaret Andersen
2003 Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
2002 Barbara Risman
2001 Patricia Yancey Martin
2000 Mary Frank Fox
1998 Kathleen Gerson
1997 Verta Taylor
1996 Ronnie Steinberg
1995 Rose Brewer, in honor of Ruth Shonle Cavan
1994 Mady Segal, in honor of Helen McGill Hughes
1993 Myra Marx Ferree
1992 Judith Lorber
1991 Francesca Cancian
1990 Arlene Kaplan Daniels
1989 Maxine Baca Zinn
1988 Barbara Katz Rothman
1987 Barbara Reskin
1986 Barrie Thorne
1985 Janet Chafetz

Subcommittee Chair: Kimberly Kelly

Subcommittee: Kimberly Kelly, Katie Acosta, and Morgan Matthews