Natalie Allon Research Award

Natalie Allon Research Award

The dollar amount and availability will vary each year.

*SWS is not taking applications for the Natalie Allon Research Award in the next award cycle because there is a need for these funds to be used for the first and second priorities of the Natalie Allon Fund. 

As background, the Allon Fund has three funding priorities

  • Legal fees for SWS Members who are protecting their rights by fighting discrimination cases that are based on sex, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual orientation.
  • Legal fees to fight cases of institutional discrimination that disproportionately affects women such as threats to tenure, or the exploitation of adjunct instructors.
  • Support for research on institutional gender-based discrimination (e.g., discrimination based on sex, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual orientation).

The purpose of this grant is to, broadly, advance our sociological understanding and redress of employment discrimination based on sex, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual orientation. The research grant will support a range of research, from applied to academic, on issues related to gender, its numerous intersections, and discrimination. Given our current climate, we are particularly interested in projects that engage some aspect of trends in attacks on scholarly freedom in social media, across institutions, and in different contexts. An example of projects that might be of interest to the Committee include, but are not limited to:

– Literature reviews on academic freedom in the neoliberal university.

– Systematic analyses of social media data on attacks against professors and educators.

– Applied research on how organizations have supported faculty threatened by organized outrage campaigns.

– Collaborative projects to produce infographics, data and guiding documents for media organizations on the state of academic freedom.

Applicants should submit a description of their proposed research plan (not to exceed 1000 words), contact information of all participating members of the research team, and a summary of the research aims. In addition, applications should submit a detailed budget explaining how the funds will be used if awarded.


1.     Faculty and students are eligible to apply for this grant.

2.     The grant may not be used for conference travel.

3.     A progress report will be shared at the SWS Winter Meeting and a final report will be shared at the SWS Winter Meeting.

4.   We also ask recipients that they acknowledge the SWS Natalie Allon Research Award as a source of support/funding in future publications for research supported by this award.

5.     Only current SWS members are eligible.

2019 Natalie Allon Research Award Winners: Shantel Gabrieal Buggs and Apryl A. Williams

2018 Natalie Allon Research Award: Molly Talcott