Feminist Activism Award

Subcommittee Chair: Ghassan Moussawi, moussawi@illinois.edu
Members of the Feminist Activism Award Subcommittee:
LaToya Council, and Cierra Sorin

History and Overview

The SWS Feminist Activism Award, established in 1995, is presented annually to an SWS member who has notably and consistently used sociology to improve conditions for women in society. The award honors outstanding feminist advocacy efforts that embody the goal of service to women and that have identifiably improved women’s lives. The 2019 award winner will be asked to present a lecture at an SWS meeting (summer if it can be arranged) and on one college or university campus during the 2020-2021 academic year to share expertise and experiences workshops, or training sessions) of feminist activism. SWS will fund the campus visit (within specified limits) and the host campus will provide housing and meals. (Application guidelines for campus visits are announced in a separate call.)

Nominate an SWSer whose feminist activism work has inspired you and/or others. The nomination process is simple, requiring a letter that substantiates the nominee’s engagement in and contribution to society via feminist activism. (An example of a former nomination letter can be obtained from the SWS Executive Office.)

Criteria for Selection

  • Evidence of the nominee’s contributions to feminist activism as an SWS member who has consistently used sociology to better the lives of women
  • Recipients can include volunteers, non-volunteers, academicians, and private/public sector
  • The focus of the award is on feminist advocacy and outreach.

Nomination Procedures

  • A nomination letter that provides an accounting of the nominee’s activist contributions and their impact (others may sign as well, in support of the case made by the official letter).
  • Links to websites or other documentation that describe(s) and illustrate(s) the nominee’s activist work and its impact (testimonials from those benefiting from or witnessing the activism can participate)
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume
  • Multiple nominators are invited to sign the letter written by the primary nominator
  • Please submit all files in one document via the Awards Form that can be accessed via: sws.memberclicks.net. You must be an SWS member to nominate someone for this award and the person you nominate must also be an SWS member.
  • Receipt of nomination packages will be acknowledged via email
  • Nominator/s of winner and the winner will be notified via email and on official letterhead from the SWS Executive Office; nominator(s) of non-winners will be notified via email by the Executive Office
  • Nominations are kept current for three years, after which they are put aside until a new request is made by the nominator. Nominators are responsible or keeping records current. The nominator must contact the Feminist Activism Award Committee Chair annually to make sure the file is under consideration.

Benefits of Award

  • Certificate Awarded at Winter Meeting Banquet
  • $250 award check given at the SWS Winter Meeting Banquet
  • Winter Meeting Registration
  • Up to $500 travel expenses for the Summer Meeting at which the awardee presents a lecture

Obligations of Award Winner

  • Attendance at Winter Meeting (to receive award)
  • One campus visit during the academic year following the year during which the award is presented [e.g., the 2019 winner will complete one campus visit in the 2020-2021 academic year]
  • Present lecture at an SWS Summer Meeting following the year in which award is presented (e.g., 2020 winner will present a lecture at Summer 2021 Meeting)

An awardee is asked to indicate in writing their awareness of the Award’s obligations and their intent to fulfill them.

2021 Feminist Activism Awardee Brittany Pearl Battle

2020 Feminist Activism Awardee: Ophra Leyser-Whalen

Call for Campus Visit Applications Ophra Leyser-Whalen, May 1, 2021 Deadline

2019 Feminist Activism Awardee: Amy Blackstone
2018 Feminist Activism Awardee: Mindy Fried
2017 Feminist Activism Awardee: Tressie McMillan Cottom

Please Click HERE to see Tressie’s SWS Feminist Activism Awardee Talk from November 2018 that the University of Baltimore hosted.