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Refusing Death: Immigrant Women and the Fight for Environmental Justice in LA, by Nadia Kim

“An innovative and close-up look at the ways in which Latin@ and Filipin@ activists mobilize bodies, emotions, and gendered caregiving in their struggle for environmental justice.”—Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, University of Southern California

Nadia Y. Kim is Professor of Sociology at Loyola Marymount University. She is the author of the award-winning book Imperial Citizens (Stanford, 2008).


Seeking Western Men: Email-order Brides under China’s Global Rise, by Monica Liu

“Seeking Western Men shows how vicissitudes of global economy can be registered in the relative value of men and women seeking relationships. Liu’s masterful analysis shows readers how to rethink gender, race, and class within a rapidly changing world order.”—Eileen Otis, author of Markets and Bodies

Monica Liu is Assistant Professor in the Department of Justice and Society Studies at the University of St. Thomas.


Academic Outsider: Stories of Exclusion and Hope, by Victoria Reyes

“An urgent, candid, and path-breaking book. Academic Outsider uncovers the hidden curricula of academic gate-keeping practices and demonstrates how they are upheld by racial capitalism and racialized gender inequities.” —Ghassan Moussawi, author of Disruptions Situations

Victoria Reyes is Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies at University of California, Riverside. She is the author of multi-award-winning book Global Borderlands (Stanford, 2019), which was named a 2020 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title.


Forbidden Intimacies: Polygamies at the Limits of Western Tolerance, by Melanie Heath

“Forbidden Intimacies provides an outstanding and much-needed  map of the many forms that polygamy takes across borders of nation, race, language, culture, law, policy, and time period. Melanie Heath’s innovative methodologies, extensive data set, and analysis make the book an essential tool for historical, sociological, and legal investigations of family, and also for work on gaps between law-on-the-books and law-in-action.”– Martha Ertman, University of Maryland Law School

Melanie Heath is Associate Professor of Sociology at McMaster University. She is the author of One Marriage Under God: The Campaign to Promote Marriage in America (2012) and co-author of The How To of Qualitative Research, second edition (2022).

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