Tackling an Accumulation of Inequities by Mindy Fried

“One thing I know is that, if we had a federal universal childcare policy in the United States, we could tackle the crisis of poverty among women across the age spectrum.
Thirty years ago, I brought my infant daughter to a meeting at the Massachusetts State House. My childcare arrangements had fallen through, so I had no choice. She snuggled against my chest as I walked from the subway up a steep hill to the meeting. In one arm, I lugged her diaper bag, with a few work papers and pen tossed inside; in the other, I held an empty bouncy chair. I felt like a parody of the woman who thinks she can do it all. But when I placed my daughter in the bouncy chair on top of the conference table, she was encircled by a group of legislators and activists. As we discussed a paid parental leave bill, my daughter reminded us what our work was about.”

Mindy Fried, SWS member and Career Development Committee Co-Chair, research article titled Tackling an Accumulation of Inequities was recently published with SAGE.

To view the full article, please visit: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/15365042231172476

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