SWS Summer Virtual Meeting Starts August 6, 2020 (August 6-10, 2020)

The SWS Summer Virtual Meeting Programming will all be hosted through the Higher Logic Site.

Click HERE to register and Click HERE to see the full programming.


Here is the Link to the Higher Logic SWS Community:  https://sws.connectedcommunity.org/ 

If you haven’t set up your account yet, here are instructions on how to do so:  

Log In and Reset your Password 

Visit: https://sws.connectedcommunity.org/home

Find and click the purple “SIGN IN” button at the top right of the home page. 

Click “Can’t access your account.” 

Enter your email address that you registered for the meeting with. (Note that you can only enter the Virtual Meeting Space if you have registered for the 2020 Summer Meeting.) 

Shortly after you should receive an email with a password reset link. (Remember to check your Junk/Spam folder.) 

This is where we will be posting all of our Summer Meeting information.

Once you set up your account, you can head to the conference schedule and see all the events taking place. Here, you will click on which event you are interested in and register for the Zoom Meeting link.


For security reasons, we will not be sharing Zoom Links outside of this platform. If you have any questions about navigating this system, please email: Natasha Santana at nsantana@socwomen.org.