SWS Remembers Pauline Bart

Photo of Pauline Bart (Photo taken by Christine Williams at the SWS 2015 Winter Meeting)

Click HERE for Pauline Bart’s obituary that appeared in The New York Times on October 30, 2021

Another link to Pauline’s obituary from The New York Times:


Click HERE for Pauline Bart’s obituary in The Washington Post from November 2, 2021

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/pauline-bart-dead/2021/11/02/8b14f1a2-3b1b-11ec-bfad-8283439871ec_story.html

Please contact Melissa D. Day, SWS Network News Editor at: swsnewsletter@socwomen.org if you’d like to share your memories of Pauline in a tribute that we will be publishing in the Winter 2021 Issue of Network News.