SWS Global Pandemic Reading Resources/Syllabus

Announcement from SWS President, Josephine Beoku-Betts 

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

SWS and its Global Partners and Associates are requesting submissions for a syllabus and reading resources list that explore the impact and implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic from a global, intersectional, and feminist perspective. Submissions can include both academic and non-academic resources and should be targeted for (1) graduate (2) undergraduate, and (3) community college courses taught in colleges and universities around the world.

We welcome ideas on best practices for small and large online classes and courses converted from face-to-face to online platforms. We also welcome opinion pieces on how you communicated and reassured your students experiencing trauma and stress in their particular social environments, and what coping and navigational strategies you used as an instructor or practitioner.

Topics for submission may include, but are not limited to, the local and global politics of COVID-19; defining epidemics and pandemics and tracing their history; considering the relationship of epidemics and pandemics to the family and household; gender-based violence; health (including emotional and mental well-being, bodily integrity); the economy and employment (agriculture, industry, retail and service work, care workers, etc.); science and technology as well as their uses; the media, including social media; religion and spirituality; criminal justice; migration, immigration, and refugee issues; law enforcement; work and occupations (including work/life balance); the environment and climate; interpersonal relationships; popular culture; and examining epidemics and pandemics in terms of the intersectional and social justice issues that encompass race, class, gender, nationality, age, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, etc.; caring for self and others; education and pedagogy (including homeschooling); and social action, activism, and advocacy.

Resources for submission may include but not be limited to:

    1. Newspaper Articles
    2. Magazine Articles
    3. Scholarly Articles
    4. YouTube Videos
    5. Blogs
    6. Podcasts
    7. Other forms of Social Media
    8. Book Publications
    9. Poetry and the Spoken Word
    10. Ted Talks and Public Lectures
    11. Class Lectures
    12. Class Discussions (small and large groups)
    13. Class Assignments

Submissions will be accepted in the following languages through July 15th, 2020: English, French, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish.

Please send your submissions to hara bastas, Chair, SWS International Committee, at (ravinheart@hotmail.com) along with a short bio of 100 words including your current, or most recent, institution and e-mail address. All submissions will be acknowledged in the final product.

A working group of SWSers led by the International Committee and some Global Partners and Associates will produce the syllabus and reading resources list. These will be posted on the SWS COVID-19 Global Concerns webpage and will be shared globally with other professional organizations and institutions selected by our global contacts. The objective is to make these resources available worldwide by August 2020 for course development, as well as professional and personal enrichment to our members, colleagues and friends. We welcome your participation and invite you to share this announcement with your professional networks.