SWS Distinguished Feminist Lecture By Mary J. Osirim Published in Gender & Society

SWS Distinguished Feminist Lecture: Feminist Politcal Economy in a Globalized World: African Women Migrants in South Africa and the United States

Mary Johnson Osirim, Bryn Mawr College, USA

January 17, 2019
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Migrant Women Are Active Economic Participants: New Study

African migrant women face considerable obstacles to economic participation, but they remain very active participants, new research indicates.

In her upcoming article, “Feminist Political Economy In a Globalized World: African Women Migrants in South Africa and the United States,” noted Africanist Dr. Mary Johnson Osirim, Professor of Sociology at Bryn Mawr College conducted research that spanned more than two decades on the economic experiences of migrant women. Her research considered the populations of African women in Zimbabwe and South Africa and African women in the northeastern U.S., particularly Boston and Philadelphia.

She followed the lives of migrants and found that African women – whether in Africa or the U.S. – represent a facet of globalization that is under-acknowledged. In considering the lives of women in Africa and the U.S., Osirim found that the challenges, while different, were met with creativity and resilience.

“What is most striking about these women,” she said, “is that they approached challenge with creativity and resilience. These are women who actively return to community and have played formidable roles in community development.”

The article will be published in the upcoming February edition of Gender & Society.

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