Summer Meeting 2020

SWS 2020 Summer Meeting Programming will be held virtually from August 7-10, 2020.

Note: We will not have an in-person meeting in San Francisco in 2020 as a result of the global health crisis that we are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The 2020 Summer Meeting Deadline Has Now Passed.

A Preliminary Program will be shared during the first week of July 2020. Please Stay Tuned.

2020 Summer Meeting Program Sponsorships: Sponsor the SWS Meeting Program 

The SWS Summer Meeting Program is a great place to advertise your book, program, or even a message of congratulations. Your sponsorship is a great opportunity to gain the attention of the meeting attendees.

Payment in full is due to formally reserve your space.


We will be posting our program online and will be sharing it via social media platforms as well. All sponsors will have their support prominently featured.
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19th Semi-Annual Gender, Professions, and Organizations Writing Workshop

Register now for the 19th semi-annual Gender, Professions, and Organizations writing workshop. This summer’s workshop will be held virtually over Zoom on Friday, July 31st. To register for the workshop, e-mail Sharla Alegria (, Ethel Mickey ( or Melissa Abad ( 

Session 1 : 10am – 1pm ET/7am-10am PT Session 2: 1pm-4pm ET/10am-1pm PT

(Join one or both sessions)

Break: 4pm-5pm ET/ 1-2pm PT

Feminist Salo(o)n: 5-6:30pm ET/2-3:30pm PT (Moderated Conversation on Feminist Futures in Gender, Professions, and Organizations will start at 5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT)

A Note From the Organizers: Originally a workgroup of sociologists doing research on gender and academic careers, scientific workplace organizations, and organizational transformations to promote gender equality, the workshop now includes scholars of gender, professions, and organizations. The purpose of the workshop is to learn about the range of work that attendees are doing, to connect with others over mutual research interests, and to write “on site” together.

For many of us who have been involved in the past, the writing workshop is a valuable space for networking, community building, and intellectual exchange around collaborative work–all of the things that are hardest to replicate in a virtual environment. We’ve worked to create a format for an online workshop that, we think, will allow us to continue the spirit of the writing workshop and foster community around sociological scholarship of gender, professions, and organizations (using digital tools). We encourage new and returning participants. If you’ve never come, welcome, and if you have, welcome back!

The day will be organized as two writing sessions: each independent session will include time to learn about each other and our work, and time for writing on your own. The workshop will conclude with a joint social event–it’s a sort of structured happy hour we’re calling a “Feminist Salo(o)n.” Because we are trying to accommodate participants in different time zones, all working from home with various other work and care commitments, we encourage participants to join for one or both writing sessions and to take breaks throughout the day as demands arise. The final part of the workshop brings us back together for the “Feminist Salo(o)n” for a brief discussion of the day and a moderated conversation with scholars we are excited to hear from about the current state and future of sociological research in the area of gender, professions, and organizations. We’ll keep the conversation active with multiple modes for inclusive participation and space for broader discussion.

All interested sociological scholars working in the area of gender, professions, and organizations are welcome to join. Send an email to Sharla Alegria (, Ethel Mickey (, of Melissa Abad ( by July 24th to register.


Summer 2020 Gender, Professions, and Organizations Writing Workshop Co-Organizers

Ethel Mickey (Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Massachusetts Amherst, ADVANCE)

Melissa Abad (Research Associate, Stanford University, VMWare Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab)

Elizabeta Shifrin (PhD Student, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Sharla Alegria (Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)

Rodica Lisnic (Lecturer, University of Arkansas)

Kathrin Zippel (Professor, Northeastern University)

Laura Kramer (Professor Emerita, Montclair State University)

Former organizers: Christina Falci, Laura Hirshfield, Julia McQuillan, and Enobong Hannah (Anna) Branch, Shauna Morimoto

August 6, 2020 Programming for San Francisco High School Teachers

 Flyer for 2020 Summer Meeting Pilot

August 6, 2020 – Pre-Meeting workshop for High School Teachers: Invitation to Ethnic Studies High School Teachers Workshop

Topic: Teaching Intersectionality in San Francisco Unified School District (SFUD) High School Classrooms

RSVP to SWS Vice President, Professor Nancy López at