Registration for the 2022 SWS Summer Meeting – Volunteer Opportunities Available!

2022 Summer Meeting Registration Form

Open to All Current SWS Members

Please be reminded that SWS Summer Meetings are held in tandem with the ASA Annual Meeting. As per a long-standing agreement between SWS and ASA, SWS Summer Meeting attendees must be registered for the ASA 2022 Annual Meeting.

We recognize that meeting costs add up, therefore, SWS will subsidize the cost of Summer 2022 Meeting Registration by 30%, 20% or 10% by those who request funds, and will offer the opportunity for members to contribute 30%, 20% or 10% to their registration fees if they can pay more.

Registration Table Volunteer Opportunities

(Limited Number of Opportunities Available)

Receive complimentary Summer Meeting Registration in return for 4-6 hours of volunteer service

Please fill out this form after you register for the 2022 Summer Meeting.

The cost of registering for the SWS Summer Meeting is $75 for higher income members, and $40 for students and retired members as well as members with an annual income lower than $40,000. Registration includes the Awards Banquet to be held on Sunday evening at the LA Convention Center. SWS members will also be able to watch the portions of the SWS Summer Meeting program that will be live-streamed for a suggested donation of $10. Please stay tuned for more details on the live-streamed programming access.

Regarding Covid-19 protocols, all SWS attendees must comply with ASA Health Regulations.

“Rethinking Feminist Sociologies in the Era of Global Pandemics – Part Two”Roberta Villalón, PresidentProgram Committee: Veronica Montes, Erika Busse-Cardenas, Alexis Grant-Panting, MaryAnn Vega, Tracy Ore

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