Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers (FREE VIRTUAL Workshop)

Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers taking place Saturday, January 7 and Sunday, January 8

Co-Facilitators: Dr. Marni A. Brown and Dr. Baker A. Rogers
Gender and Sexuality in the Classroom
Based on the text, Gender and Sexuality in the Classroom: An Educator’s Guide by Marni Brown, Baker A. Rogers, Martha Caldwell (Routledge 2022)
This is the first time we are opening this up to all teachers (K-12).

Are you a teacher who teaches ethnic studies, women’s studies, social studies, English, human rights or other related topics? Or do you know a teacher who teaches in these areas? Please share this announcement with them.

Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) is hosting a FREE VIRTUAL workshop for teachers. This is the fourth virtual workshop we have hosted for teachers.

This year the workshop theme will be Gender and Sexuality in the Classroom. The free virtual workshop will take place via Zoom with the opportunity to attend 2023 SWS Winter Meeting Programming in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Sheraton New Orleans on Saturday, January 14. The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Registration is required. All participants will receive a $50 gift certificate via email.

Schools are institutions of profound socialization and teachers play a vital role in this process. Teachers must strive to be more equitable and inclusive of all students, regardless of identity. In this workshop, we will focus on gender and sexuality in the classroom, the importance of doing reflexive work and uncovering biases, and designing an inclusive classroom. Mirroring the theme of the 2023 SWS Conference, the teacher’s workshop will pay particular attention to areas of reproductive justice relevant to K-12 teachers, such as sex education policies and curriculum. Overall, this workshop will provide much needed information and skills for K-12 teachers dealing with issues of gender and sexuality to ensure that all students feel safe and free to be themselves in the classroom.

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