Winter Meeting 2015- Feb. 19-22- Washington, DC

Thank you for attending the 2015 SWS Winter Meeting: 




D.C. Museum, Tour, Dining, and Entertainment Guide


 The SWS travel subsidy policy has changed in an attempt to encourage more participation on the behalf of its members. Please read the Q&A on the link  to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. These changes are VERY important, please read!


Dear SWS’ers,

It is a pleasure to write as the Co-Presidents Elect. Indeed, our first item of business is to thank you for entrusting the future of SWS to us as a team. By sharing the helm, we hope to double the energy and pool of ideas that we can bring to the job. We are eager to build on SWS’s stellar traditions and also ro help the organization grow in new ways, including expanding the size and participation of our membership, becoming more engaged in social and traditional media, and using our membership’s vast sociological skills to help inform public policy and debate. As we begin to plan the 2015 Winter Meeting, we have all of these goals in mind.

As the days grow longer and sunnier, next year’s winter meeting may be the last thing on your mind. Yet we are already at work planning the program and want to give you something to look forward to when colder weather returns. So here’s the latest news on how the meeting is taking shape:

The Winter Meeting will be held on February 19-22 in Washington, DC. In keeping with our choice of this site – as well as SWS’s historic mission – the theme of the meeting will be “Feminism in Theory, Practice, and Policy.”

We are delighted to report that a number of people who are actively engaged in using a feminist perspective to develop theory, policy, and political strategies have already signed on. So far, this list includes (in alphabetical order) Chloe Bird, Lynn Chancer, Philip Cohen, Shelley Correll, Paula England, Jennifer Glass, Janet Gornick, Heidi Hartmann, Leslie McCall, Gaye Tuchman, Katha Pollitt, and Carole Joffe. Some of the session ideas currently under consideration (to name only a few) are “Building Feminist Organizations,” “Intersectionality and Feminist Theory,” “Gender Dimensions of Work-Family Connections,” “Gender and Sexuality,” and “The Current State and Future Prospects of Economic and Occupational Equality: Where is the Gender Revolution Now?”

While preserving the core work of the Winter Meeting – such as committee meetings, mentoring opportunities, workshops, receptions, the banquet, and other events – we are also thinking about new ways to add a mix of plenaries, panels, new kinds of workshops, and other participatory forums. We want to encourage everyone to participate in some way, so please send along your ideas about how you’d like to get involved.

In closing, although it may seem early to say so, we hope to see you in Washington next February. In the meantime, stay tuned for announcements about ways to get involved. We are counting on your participation to make the upcoming meeting a great one!

Warm wishes,

Kathleen Gerson and Jerry Jacobs

Co-Presidents Elect