Call for Applications for Campus Visit – 2020 SWS Distinguished Feminist Lecturer, Dr. Katie L. Acosta

Call for Applications for Campus Visit

2020 SWS Distinguished Feminist Lecturer

Dr. Katie L. Acosta

Deadline: May 1, 2021

Committee Chair: Dr. Rebecca Hanson (

Selection Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Kimberly Kelly (

Photo of Dr. Katie L. Acosta

During the 2021-2022 academic year, 2020 SWS Feminist Lecturer Dr. Katie L. Acosta, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies, Georgia State University, will make one campus visit. Dr. Acosta’s research centers the intersections of gender, sexuality, Latinx Studies, race/ethnicity, family, and immigration. The campus visit is intended to celebrate and enhance feminist scholarship and social activism on college campuses. A key goal of the program is to provide a feminist voice on campuses where such a perspective is unusual and/or unwelcome.

Applications from all types of institutions are welcome. Priority will be given to campuses that are isolated, rural, located away from major metropolitan areas, underfunded and without the resources needed to invite guest speakers, and/or are characterized by hostility to feminist scholarship.

The selection subcommittee will look especially favorably on campuses that are committed to gaining the widest possible audience for these visits. This may be demonstrated by evidence of

  • collaboration with other departments and programs on campus
  • multiple-campus cooperation
  • community partnerships

SWS will fund a portion of the expenses for the site visit, thus institutions should not let resource scarcity prevent them from applying. SWS will fund up to $750 toward domestic travel and a maximum of $1500 for international travel. The host campus is responsible for the costs associated with meals and lodging for the duration of the campus visit.

If you are interested in hosting a campus visit submit your application by May 1, 2021 to:

SWS Awards Committee Chair: Rebecca Hanson


Please put “SWS Distinguished Feminist Lecturer Campus Visit” in the email subject line.

The application should include the following information:

  1. An explanation of your interest in hosting Dr. Acosta and the merits of awarding a campus visit to your institution.
  2. A description of the type of presentation you are interested in hosting.
  3. The number of days you will ask the awardee to stay.
  4. The target audience or audiences for Dr. Acosta’s presentation.
  5. A description of how local costs (lodging and meals) will be met.
  6. Tentative dates for Dr. Acosta’s visit.

Note: Due to public health concerns and travel challenges relating to COVID-19, we are committed to working with Dr. Acosta and the campus visit host institution to identify suitable dates. SWS can extend the timeframe beyond the 2021-2022 academic year for this visit to occur if travel and programming are not possible within this timeframe.