Investment Committee

The Investment Committee will consist of the Past Treasurer, three (3) to five (5) members appointed by the Council for their expertise in the area, and the Executive Officer in an advisory role. The Committee elects its own chair and members serve at the pleasure of the Council.

The Investment Committee works to build and protect the Organization’s financial resources to support the Organization’s overall goals and mission into the indefinite and sustainable future.  Within overall policies determined by the membership and its elected leadership, it oversees the work of any financial advisors by whom funds are administered, including recommendations concerning specific investment goals and assessments of the advisors’ success in achieving those goals.  It reviews periodic reports from advisors, meeting with them in person as needed, and is the primary point of communication between the Organization and the advisors.  As appropriate, the Committee will make recommendations to leadership for modification of the relationship between the Organization and its external financial advisors.

Within the Organization, the Committee keeps leadership informed of how financial assets (specific investments and reserves) are being managed and formulates recommendations for decisions relating to short-term outflow and inflow of funds including, but not limited to the extent to which current revenues and expenditures relate to longer term finances (e.g. wisdom of transfers from current surpluses into investment or reserves and/or prudent use of revenue from current investments to support current programs or new initiatives), policies for accepting bequests, donations, establishment of endowments for specific purposes and the like.  More generally, it serves as a council of advice concerning the relationship between long-term financial planning and operating budgets. The Committee reports to the Council biannually on its work.

Investment Committee Members: Don Ferree (Chair), Chris Bose, Katja Guenther, Heather Dillaway, Laura Atkins, Jennifer Rogers-Brown (Past Treasurer)