Feminist Health and Well-Being Research  

SWS Sponsored Session at American Sociological Association Meeting on Tuesday, August 10

To learn more, please visit: https://www.asanet.org/annual-meeting-2021


Panel:           Feminist Health and Well-Being Research  

Tuesday, August 10 from 11:00 am EDT – 12:25 pm EDT

Co- Organizers: 

Marlese Durr, Wright State University

Barret Katuna, Sociologists for Women in Society 


Barret Katuna, Sociologists for Women in Society

In keeping with the theme of “Emancipatory Sociology: Rising To The Du Boisian Challenge,” this panel, sponsored by Sociologists for Women in Society that is celebrating its 50th anniversary year, discusses contemporary research on feminist-related health and reproductive rights as a form of emancipation for a more feminist world. It examines health, sexual health, and reproductive rights of women and those who identify as trans, non-binary, and intersex. Issues that will be addressed include gender-based violence and domestic violence during the pandemic, medical work, and the reproduction of racial, economic, and gender inequality, reproductive rights and access to abortion, issues facing trans, non-binary, and intersex populations specifically as they relate to healthcare during a pandemic, and reproductive health issues of women with disabilities.                                                  

Addressing Gender-based Violence and Domestic Violence During the Pandemic  

Margaret Abraham, Hofstra University

Intersectionality, Caregiving & COVID 19 

LaTonya J. Trotter, University of Washington

Reproductive Rights and Justice in the 21st Century            

Krystale E. Littlejohn, University of Oregon

The Limits of Radical Feminist Research in Sociology: The Case of Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex Health  

Georgiann Davis, University of New Mexico 

Gender, Intersectionality, and Disability 

Heather Dillaway, Wayne State University