Feminist Communities of Practice: Society for Gender Professionals Gender Circles

Hosted by: Kelly Grace, Society for Gender Professionals (SGP) Secretariat-at-Large, SWS Member and past SWS-SAIA Awardee

Café Description: Join us to learn more about the feminist theory and faces behind SGP’s communities of practice: Gender Circles! SGP Circles started as an opportunity to engage a community of gender professionals built on feminist principles and leaderless group approaches. This event celebrates the development of SGP Circles. Circle co-leads will share their experiences, approaches, and plans with the aim of engaging participants in developing existing Circles and creating new Circles based on common thematic and geographical interests. Participants can also expect to learn more about the research behind circles and their feminist leadership, get a chance to hear from some current Circles about the exciting work they have been accomplishing, and even find information on starting their own circle.
Time and Date: Wednesday, 17 November at 9 am New York/3 pm Lagos/7:30 pm Delhi
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