Congratulations to our newly elected SWS Officers! Reporting the Results of the 2023 SWS Election!

Thank you to all of you who have voted and to all of you who ran for SWS Elected Office in the SWS 2023 Election.

Also, we would like to thank all the Nominations Committee Members, that included Roberta Villalón (Chair), Sasha Drummond-Lewis, Amy Stone, Jaime Hartless, and Baker Rogers for all their work in putting together such a wonderful group of candidates for elected office.

On November 15, 2023, Barret Katuna, SWS Executive Officer and Natasha Santana, Administrative Officer, confirmed the results of the SWS 2023 Election with Roberta Villalón, SWS Past President and Nominations Committee Chair.

First, we are reporting that the proposed amendments to the SWS Bylaws will go into effect based on the affirmative vote for these amendments. These amendments will soon be reflected in the SWS Bylaws that we post on our website.

Second, we are reporting the following elected officers. Their official terms will begin during the SWS 2024 Winter Meeting.


  • President-Elect – Sylvanna Falcón
  • Secretary– Crystal Jackson
  • Treasurer-Elect – Corinne Castro
  • Parliamentarian – Maria Cecilia Hwang
  • Student Representative-Elect –  Jinsun Yang

The above individuals will join SWS Council.

  •  Awards Committee Chair – Ophra Leyser-Whalen
  •  Discrimination Committee Co-Chair – Roberta Villalón
  •  Sister to Sister Committee Co-Chair – Brittany Battle
  • Social Action Committee Co-Chair – Christina Chica
  • Academic Justice Committee Co-Chairs – Florence “Emily” Castillo and Andrea Hunt (one year term)
  • Media Relations Committee Co-Chairs – Mindy Fried and Erin Baker-Giese (one year term)
  • International Committee Chair – Assata Zerai
  • Career Development Committee Co-Chair – Stephanie Wilson
  • Awards Committee Members – Jaime Hartless and Vrinda Marwah
  • Membership Committee Members  – Cynthia Deitch and Marcella Gemelli
  • Nominations Committee Members – Marni Brown and Alexis Grant-Panting
  • Publications Committee Members  –  Daniela Jauk-Ajamie and Ranita Ray

Once again, thank you all who participated in the 2023 SWS Election and congratulations to our newly elected officers!

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