Congratulations to our newly elected SWS Officers! Reporting the Results of the 2022 SWS Election!


Congratulations! The official terms of the officers below will begin during the SWS 2023 Winter Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana from January 12-15, 2023.

President-Elect – S. Crawley 

Vice President – Veronica Montes

Treasurer-Elect – Tracy Ore

Student Representative-Elect –  Pedrom Nasiri

  The above 4 individuals will join SWS Council.

Career Development Committee Co-Chair – Sharla Alegria

Committee on Discrimination Co-Chairs – Beatriz Padilla and Marisela Martinez-Cola (Marisela to serve one more year)

Sister to Sister Committee Co-Chair – LaToya Council

Social Action Committee Co-Chair – Evonnia Woods

Membership Committee Members: Trenton Haltom and Anne McGlynn-Wright

Nominations Committee Members – Sasha Drummond-Lewis and Amy Stone

Publications Committee Members: Marlese Durr and Laurel Westbrook

Once again, thank you all SWS Members who participated in the 2022 SWS Election and congratulations to our newly elected officers! Thank you to all who ran for office and to the Nominations Committee Members that included Mignon R. Moore (Chair), Tristan Bridges, Ranita Ray, Jaime Hartless, and Baker A. Rogers for all their work in putting together such a wonderful group of candidates for elected office.