Call for Papers Deadline of May 20, 2021 for SWS Summer Meeting 2021 (July 8 and 9)- Retaining and Building a Feminist Community

SWS Summer Meeting 2021 

“Retaining and Building a Feminist Community”

Virtual Meeting

July 8 and July 9, 2021


Photo of Mignon R. Moore, SWS President

President: Mignon R. Moore

Program Committee Members: Andrea Román Alfaro, hara bastas, Alexis Grant-Panting, Rebecca Hanson, Ghassan Moussawi, LaTonya J. Trotter 

SWS Executive Officer: Barret Katuna

SWS Assistant to Executive Officer: Natasha Santana

SWS Intern: Shuchi Sanyal

SWS Web Support Specialist: Christelle Lachapelle  


Call for Papers: 

Our programming builds on the experiences and planning during the Winter 2021 meeting by focusing on ways to retain a sense of community in SWS during a time of virtual learning that will help build a sense of connectedness across gender, racial and other identity statuses; subfields in our discipline; and methodological approaches to the study of gender in all of its forms.

We welcome Roundtable submissions that advance our understanding of gender from an intersectional perspective. We also welcome proposals for Sessions and Workshops on themes that will be of interest to our members. We also are seeking Moderators for our Roundtables.   

Meeting Highlights:

Thursday Morning

Welcome from SWS President, Mignon R. Moore and SWS Feminist Activism Awardee Talk by Amy Blackstone (2019) 

Thursday Evening 

Presidential Plenary

Drinks with a Famous Feminist

Friday Evening 

2021 Summer Awards Reception 

SWS Feminist Activism Awardee Talk by Ophra Leyser-Whalen (2020)


Direct Link to Submission Form:


Submission Deadline: May 20, 2021 at 11:59 pm EDT

Submission Types:

1) Individual Abstracts for Roundtable Consideration: A Roundtable is a small gathering of individuals who are presenting on-going research on topics that share a common theme. Roundtables are a great opportunity to receive feedback from other presenters and attendees. Your abstract may reflect a work in progress, a finished paper, or ideas you would like more feedback on as you continue to collect data or refine your argument/contribution. You may submit extended abstracts of individual papers for inclusion in a Roundtable that will have a maximum of 4 individual presenters in a timeframe of 90 minutes. Abstracts will be organized into Roundtables by Program Committee Members on the basis of common themes. Each Roundtable Session will have a moderator who will review the abstracts ahead of time, serve as the timekeeper, and help to facilitate the question and answer portion of the Roundtable Session. 

All submissions should include: (a) title of the paper, (b) names, affiliations, and contact information for each author, (c) an extended abstract of approximately 300-400 words, (d) 3 keywords, and (e) an optional paper draft. Roundtables will have a maximum of 4 papers, one moderator, and will last for 90 minutes.

2) Full Session/Workshop Proposals: We are accepting submissions for full Sessions or Workshops. Proposals will include a title, abstract, and the names of 4-6 participants who will present papers or participate in a discussion led by a moderator. All complete Session/Workshop proposals must include the names of all proposed presenters/panelists. Abstracts (max. 450 words) should detail the theme of the proposed Session or Workshop. As background information, a Workshop is a space for people to participate in an interactive dialogue on a particular theme or topic, while a Session is a space for multiple paper presentations or a dialogue on a common theme. 

Please also include submission title, submission type, abstract, exactly three keywords, first name, last name, institution, and email address for all participants. Participants include the presider and organizer, in addition to the presenters or panelists, and discussant, if included. Sessions and workshops will last for 90 minutes. The recommendation is that no more than 4 presentations will be included in each workshop or session to allow for adequate time.  

3) Moderator for a Roundtable Session: A moderator reviews pertinent materials (abstract or paper) in advance of the meeting, ensures that all presenters have an equal amount of time to present, and facilitates conversation during the question and answer portion of the Roundtable. All SWS members are encouraged to volunteer for this service if they feel that they have expertise in a particular area and they would like to help facilitate conversation. Those interested in serving as a moderator will be asked to include (a) name, (b) affiliation, (c) contact information and (d) 3 keywords describing their areas of expertise. 

*PLEASE NOTE that information provided here–through the submission portal–will appear exactly as it is entered. Therefore, in submission titles, your name, and institution, please make sure that the way you enter this information is exactly how you would like for it to appear in the program.


Join/Renew SWS Membership

Only current SWS members can submit via the MemberClicks submission system. To request a sponsored 2021 SWS Membership, please submit this form:

To sponsor the 2021 Membership of a student or colleague, please submit this form:


All program participants must be registered for the 2021 Summer Meeting by July 1, 2021. Registration will be open to all current SWS members with an optional voluntary registration fee. The Registration System will open in May 2021. 

Limitations on Program Appearances

Because time slots are limited, participants may only submit one Roundtable submission and one Session or Workshop submission. There are no restrictions on the number of times a participant may serve as a Moderator. 


Please direct questions about submissions and participation to Barret Katuna, Executive Officer, at