Call for Expressions of Interest: Journal Editor of Second SWS Journal – Gender Praxis

Please see the Call for Expressions of Interest – Gender Praxis  to serve as Journal Editor for the Second SWS Journal – Gender Praxis.

Deadline is May 1, 2019.

Call for Expressions of Interest

Journal Editor

Second SWS Journal—Gender Praxis

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a call for applications to edit this journal.

Sociologists for Women in Society has been preparing to launch a second (online only) journal for some time. The SWS Publications Committee has collected information from SWS members (e.g. survey, townhall, business meeting discussions), and SWS members have communicated they are interested in an outlet offering space for the following types of scholarship: research reports, white papers, original research articles, community action research, innovative data visualizations, feminist scholarship that supports social policy innovation, and more. In general, there is a desire for a journal that includes feminist sociological practice-based scholarship, or scholarship that informs practice. This should be a journal of interest to scholars, practitioners (broadly defined), and that has a global audience and author pool.

As such, this new journal is unique from Gender & Society, which has become the go-to outlet for conversations about and interventions to gender theory. Much vital feminist scholarship on gender and gender inequality does not make an original theoretical intervention and is not appropriate for Gender & Society. We lack a place to publish a wide range of feminist work that can enhance theoretical, empirical, and practical conversations, and contribute to policy-making and praxis. Gender Praxis (working title) hopes to fill this gap.

The SWS Publications Committee is working on a more substantial proposal in order to be well positioned to negotiate financial support with a publisher. Such a proposal will require a more detailed description of the journal and its likely content, as well as an estimate of the kinds of financial support a founding editor may need. Thus, we are searching for scholars who might be interested in serving as the first Editor of this exciting new journal and would like to think carefully about just what this journal might look like. This is NOT a call for Editor applications. Expressing interest and sharing ideas is NOT an application to serve as Editor.

If you think you (perhaps with a colleague) may want to think more carefully about this editorship, please share your vision for this new journal, your thoughts about the resources you will require and how you may develop and obtain them (please, no need for conversations at your institution at this point), and the kinds of people you might include on your team. Three to five pages should be more than sufficient at this stage.

The SWS Publications Committee will carefully consider these submissions, use them to develop a more robust proposal to a publisher, and eventually work with strong candidates to develop formal applications for Editor. If you have ideas for people who might be interested in participating in this process and would like the Publications Committee to reach out to them, we strongly encourage you to share those names.

Contact Sharon Bird ( and Bandana Purkayastha ( from the SWS Publications Committee by May 1, 2019, if you are interested and would like to play a role in building the proposal and potentially submitting a formal application at a future date to serve as the first Editor of this exciting endeavor.