CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Next Book Review Editor for Gender & Society


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Next Book Review Editor for Gender & Society

DEADLINE –  December 4, 2023

The Publications Committee seeks applications and nominations for the position of Book Review Editor for Gender & Society. The Book Review Editor is responsible for coordinating (with the journal co-editors) the following tasks: 1) selection of books for review, 2) selection of reviewers for books, 3) supervision of the review process, 4) editing reviews for publication, and 5) preparing and presenting activity reports to the Publications Committee at both the SWS Summer and Winter meetings. Approximately 50 book reviews per year are published in Gender & Society.

The hosting institution for the Book Review Editor receives $15,000 in support per year to cover the Book Review Editor’s compensation, student labor, and travel assistance to the SWS Summer and Winter Meetings. SWS does not cover Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs. The hosting institution takes on the F&A costs. For the editorship, desirable resources and skills include experience with journals, editing, and publishing. The Book Review Editor must be a member of SWS.

For more information on the requirements and work of the position, please contact the current Book Review Editor, Kelsy Burke ( )

The appointment is a three-year term, beginning June 1, 2024. Applications should be emailed to Manisha Desai ( ) and Chaitanya Lakkimsetti ( Co-Chairs of the Publications Committee.

The application should include: 1) a statement of background and interest; 2) a statement of goals for the book review section; 3) a CV; 4) a statement of supportive resources, including (but not limited to) the extent to which the applicant’s institution supports the position in terms of space, management, and administrative issues (such as mailing costs, etc.).

The deadline for applications is December 4, 2023.

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