The Cheryl Allyn Miller Award

Call for Papers

Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) has established an award for graduate students and recent Ph.D.s working in the area of women and paid work: employment and self-employment, informal market work, illegal work. The award was originally founded by a bequest from the family of the late Cheryl Allyn Miller, a sociologist and feminist who studied women and paid work.

The purpose of the award is to recognize a sociology graduate student or a recent doctorate whose research or activism constitutes an outstanding contribution to the field of women and work. This contribution may take the form of scholarly or policy research or activism. It may be completed work or work in progress, but should not be a proposal for future work, and should be sufficiently close to completion that the applicant can concisely describe and contextualize the contribution to the field.

The award is $500, and will be presented at the Banquet at the SWS Winter Meeting. In addition to the $500 award, up to $500 toward air travel and hotel costs for attending the meeting will be reimbursed by SWS.

Guidelines For Application

Deadline October 1, 2024 at 11:59 pm ET

Applicants must be graduate students or have received their Ph.D. in 2023 or 2024. Applicants must belong to SWS, and may join at the same time they apply for the award. For membership information go to

All Submissions Must Be Submitted Via the Membership Portal:

Submissions must include:

  • a 2-3 page curriculum vitae
  • a cover page with the author’s name, affiliation, and contact information with a brief summary of the applicant’s reason for applying for the award and how they see their submission aligning with the goals of the award
  • an abstract and paper of article length (no more than 30 double-spaced pages, including bibliography) in a style suitable for submission to a scholarly journal. The abstract/cover page should include applicant’s name, address, telephone number, email address, and, for applicants with their Ph.D., the date the Ph.D. was completed.

Applicants must submit materials on their own behalf. Please do not include any nominating letters.

Chair: Laura Bunyan,

Selection Subcommittee: Suki Xiao, Rianka Roy, Sarah A. Robert, Lisa Dilks and Maria Cecilia Hwang. 


2023 Jun Zhou, “The Work-family Circuit: Doing and Undoing Gender through Monetary Flows in Immigrant Women Entrepreneurship.” 

2021 Laura Adler “From the Job’s Worth to the Person’s Price: The Evolution of Pay-setting Practices since the 1950s”    The honorable mention for 2021 is Sidra Kamran.
2020 Katie Kaufman Rogers “Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Gender, Race, and Class in U.S. Legal Cannabis Industry”
2019 April Hovav “Producing Moral Palatability in the Mexico Surrogacy Industry.” The two honorable mentions are Ethel Mickey and Maria Cecilia Hwang.
2018 Susila Gurusami “Working for Redemption: Formerly Incarcerated Black Women and Punishment in the Labor Market.”
2017 Katherine Maich “Together, Separate, and Unequal: Gendered Distinctions in an Immigrant Worker Center.”
2016 Stephanie Bonnes “Bureaucratic Harassment of U.S. Servicewomen.”
2015 Landon Schnabel “Gender, Work and Religion: Considering the Religiosity of High Earning American Women and Men.”
2014 Catherine Cheng “Circuits of Reproductive Labor: Sex Work and Mothering in Contemporary China.”
2013 Hae Eyon Choo “Gendering Migrant Rights: Explaining Differences in the Practice of Rights for Filipina Factory Workers and Club Hostesses in South Korea.”
2012 Carrie Alexandrowicz Shandra “Gendered Work, Gendered Family: Women’s Employment in Sex-Segregated Occupations and the Division of Household Labor.”
2011 Kimberly Kay Hoang, “She’s Not a Low Class Dirty Girl.”
2010 Gladys Garcia-López “‘‘Nunca Te Toman En Cuenta [They Never Take You Into Account]’: The Challenges of Inclusion and Strategies for Success of Chicana Attorneys.”
2009 Catherine Connell “Doing (Trans)Gender at Work.”