Student Caucus

The Student Caucus acts on behalf of undergraduate and graduate student members of SWS. The SCC offers workshops, programs, and networking events during SWS meetings, as well as advice, support, and professional development to students throughout the year.

Actions & Activities

The Student Caucus produces sessions — and a Student Happy Hour — at every SWS conference.  See “Past SWS workshops” below for further information. Between conferences, students in SWS stay in touch via listserv, facebook, and more.

Resources – Articles, Reports etc.


Summer Workshop/Roundtable Subcommittee:

Responsibilities include coordinating co-sponsored graduate student roundtables with ABS and working with the Career Development Committee to Assist with Critique Me!

Committee Members:

  • Rosalind Kichler

Winter Workshop/Roundtable Subcommittee: 

Responsibilities include organizing the Breakfast with Scholars

Committee Members:

  • Sela Harcey
  • Chriss Sneed

Social Chairs: 

Responsibilities include organizing the reception for the winter meeting and helping coordinating the Hand Mentor Program

Committee Members:

  • Kristin Kelley
  • Emma Mishel

Social Media and Survey Research Subcommittee: 

Responsibilities include helping work with the SWS website and social media manager, overseeing the SWS Student Caucus Facebook and Twitter accounts, and conducting the annual SWS graduate student survey

Committee Members:

  • Jeff Lockhart
  • Kaitlyn Root 

Inclusivity and Diversity Subcommittee: 

Responsibilities include overseeing the presence of gender neutral restrooms at the annual meetings, the making of preferred pronoun buttons, and other initiatives that encourage SWS to critically examine the ways in which our organize promotes the interests of all student members.

Committee Members:

  • Chriss Sneed

Contact Info


For the current Student Caucus Co-chairs, please visit:
This committee is chaired by the Student Representative and Student Representative-Elect.