Nominations Committee

The SWS Nominations Committee is responsible for building a strong and diverse pool of candidates for all elected positions: committee memberships, committee chairs, and officers. The committee also builds a pool of candidates for the annual SWS elections every October. It is chaired by the co-Past Presidents of SWS.

Upcoming SWS Election 2016 for 2017 Officers
Positions begin at the Winter Meeting
Candidates must meet the following requirements:
  1. The candidate must be an SWS member in good standing.
  2. The candidate is required to commit to participating in the Winter Meetings for the tenure of her/his term of office. Summer Meeting attendance is expected as well.


Benefits of service:

  1. Being able to help shape the present and future of SWS.
  2. The chance to make new friends.
  3. $500.00 (max) reimbursement at Winter and Summer Meetings.


Position Descriptions


President-elect: The primary job of the president-elect is to plan for the winter meeting (which will occur about 1 year and four months after being elected). This involves identifying a city and hotel and planning and implementing the program for the meeting. Besides one’s program committee, the Executive Office will assist with planning and all other tasks. The president-elect becomes president at the Winter meeting that she has organized. (The turnover in office occurs in the first session on Friday morning.) As president-elect, the person serves on Council and is included in all things related to Council decision-making, etc. As president, then, the person chairs Council and assumes major responsibility for leading SWS. The president has many duties (such as signing contracts, etc.) and works closely with other officers, particularly the Executive Officer and treasurer. This job lasts one year. Finally, in the third year, the president transitions to past-president and chairs the nominations committee and the committee on scholarship and human rights. The past president is charged with drafting and signing letters to institutions and/or other employers about potential bias or discrimination of our members based on gender. In short, the job of SWS president is quite demanding.

Vice-president:  VP chairs the Membership Committee and also surveys ASA nominees each year. Serves a two-year term and serves on Council and participates in decisions on policy and procedure. The VP is not up for election this year.

Treasurer: Like the president, the position of treasurer entails a three-year commitment: As treasurer-elect, treasurer, and past-treasurer.  The duties of treasurer-elect are primarily to learn the job from the current treasurer so one is ready to assume it in 1 year and 4 months after being elected. The Treasurer is responsible for providing oversight on all financial matters including the bank account, use of credit card, record-keeping (bookkeeping) of SWS financial matters and our long-term investments. The treasurer is heavily involved in SWS finances, having the duty of examining the bank statement and bookkeeping records monthly and confirming that all are being managed correctly. (The EO supervises the AO who is doing the routine bookkeeping but the Treasurer is the security person representing the SWS membership.) All 3 treasurers are actively involved in conversations with our investment managers, again representing the members of SWS and assuring that our values and goals are being respected.

Secretary: Secretary is a two-year commitment with the duties of recording, sharing, correcting, and publishing minutes of Council meetings and Council conferences of other types (e.g., by telephone). The secretary records all actions of Council so that a permanent record of what Council decides/enacts can be available to the executive office and membership. The secretary participates in all Council decisions as well.

Student Representative: The student representative serves for two years on Council and also chairs the Student Concerns Committee. (The Student Rep should preferably be a student during the entire term of service.)  A typical job is to support a student-only list serve.  Another is to plan a party at the winter meetings just for students (subsidized in part by SWS). A primary duty is to participate in deliberations and actions of Council.

Awards Committee Chair: The term of service is two years. The awards committee chair is responsible for assuring that subcommittees are formed and function to manage the SWS awards. (One new Awards Committee members is elected each year and the elected members assist the Chair in these regards, typically chairing at least one of the awards subcommittees.) The chair appoints the chairs of the subcommittees and oversees their work to assure that they function in accord with SWS standards, policies and procedures.

Discrimination Committee Chair: The Discrimination Committee Chair serves for two years and is in charge of receiving and managing our response(s) to allegations of discrimination against an SWS member. This chair is guided by policies approved by Council and consults closely with the President and Past President and Executive Officer in formulating a response. Any SWS member can serve on this committee, as a volunteer. (We recommend that the Chair recruit members if no one volunteers in a given year.) We also recommend that the past Chair be urged by the chair-elect to serve on the committee in order to provide continuity and advice. We recommend that the Chair be in a tenured position just in case any legal issues arise during the course of the SWS consideration of and response to charges of discrimination and/or bias. The chair is responsible for seeking out volunteer members.

International Committee Chair: Serves a two-year term. Job is to oversee and develop SWS’s international agenda. This includes our Global Partner Program (we had two nations visit in NY: China and Italy; and we have 7 more global partners identified so far), our observations and advice to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and so on. This committee is very active and has an extensive group of volunteer members.

Academic Justice Committee Co-Chair: Each year, one of the co-chairs is elected and the newly elected co-chair serves a year in a ‘learning position,’ assisting the other co-chair and committee members. This committee creates the report card on gender that surveys sociology departments nation-wide about the gender composition of their faculty.  What else?

Sister-to-Sister Co-Chair: Each year, one of the co-chairs is elected and the newly elected co-chair serves a year in a learning position, assisting the other co-chair and committee members with the committee’s charge. The Sister-to-Sister committee has a goal of facilitating ties across races/ethnicities. The committee offers workshops at Winter and Summer meetings. (Recent workshops focused on structural changes within SWS that will make the organization more inclusive for scholars of color and the needs of junior faculty and graduate students) and it administers the Chow-Green Women of Color Dissertation Scholarship which offers support to women scholars from underrepresented groups and are studying concerns faced by women of color face domestically and/or internationally and it attempts to increase the participation of students of color in SWS.

Awards Committee member: One member elected annually to serve a two-year. Assists the Awards See description of Awards Committee Chair for sense of duties.

Career Development Committee member: Onemember elected annually to serve a two-year term.This committee offers the ‘critique me’ sessions at winter and summer meetings in which members can have their CVs and other aspects of their careers evaluated. Recent workshops included finding and succeeding in non-academic employment; gender and service in the academy; teaching portfolios for tenure/promotion and job applications; developing materials for the job market; going up for full professor; and giving a good job talk. This committee is in charge of the Hey Jane! publication which is an “advice column”for feminist sociologists. Recent Hey Jane! issues addressed grant-seeking, job talks, and negotiating service obligations. Finally, CDC is in charge of Professional Mentoring which matches junior and senior feminists who can learn from one another.

Membership Committee member (2 members elected annually each for two-year terms): The membership committee organizes and runs activities aimed at increasing SWS membership and also at making our current members feel appreciated and supported. They help staff the Hospitality Suite at the summer meeting and also help the Vice-President develop brochures and other avenues to attract members.

Nominations Committee member (2 members elected annually, each for two-year terms): NC members participate with the past president in identifying and recruiting SWS members who can be counted on to perform the obligations of the position they are asked to consider. A primary goal of the Nominations Committee is to assure that the diversity of SWS members be reflected in the nominees for office.

Publications Committee member (2 members elected annually, each for 3 year terms): The Publications Committee has 6 members who are elected to the committee and an additional 6 “ex-officio” members (Treasurer, Executive Officer, Network News Editor, Gender & Society Editor, and SWS Book Review Editor). Two members are elected each year for staggered, three-year terms. One of the two members elected each year is apt to be elected by others on the committee to serve as Co-Chair. The primary responsibility of the publications committee is to oversee all publications issued by the organization including Gender & Society and Network News.  The committee’s duties include (but are not limited to): Negotiation of a contract with publishers forGender & Society; appointment of editors for Gender & Society and approval of budgets for the journal; review of proposals for special issues ofGender & Society; appointment of the book review editor for Gender & Society; appointment of editor ofNetwork News; and advising editors as needed



Committee Description

The SWS Nominations committee is responsible for building a diverse and strong pool of candidates for all elected positions: committee memberships, committee chairs, and officers.

Committee Members

Pallavi Banerjee

Vania Brightman Cox

Melanie Heath

Julia McQuillan



Builds pool of candidates for annual SWS elections every October.  All positions begin at the following Winter Meeting.


Resources – Articles, Reports etc.

  • Procedures for gathering nominees
  • Terms of elected positions


Contact Info

Wanda Rushing –
This committee is chaired by the Past President of SWS.

If you are a member and want to know more about this committee, or to read the minutes, please log in to access the Members’ section.