Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee helps support the professional development of feminist sociologists at all stages of their careers.

What We Do


We offer workshops at the Winter & Summer meetings. We regularly offer “Critique Me” sessions in which seasoned sociologists review job application materials.  Additionally, recent workshops have included: finding and succeeding in non-academic employment; gender and service in the academy; teaching portfolios for tenure/promotion and job applications; developing materials for the job market; going up for full professor; and giving a good job talk. If you have an idea for a workshop, please contact the CDC.

For the Career Development Committee Co-Chairs, visit:

Ask Alix!

We produce Ask Alix! – an “advice column” for feminist sociologists. The goal of “Ask Alix!” is to offer useful tips and strategies for navigating all things career on all career paths for members. In response to our survey about relaunching “Hey Jane!”, a colleague suggested the name was not very inclusive, and we agreed, so we changed it!

Hey Jane! Publication:

We produce Hey Jane! – an “advice column” for feminist sociologists. Recent issues of Hey Jane! have addressed grant seeking, job talks, and negotiating service obligations.


We also are in charge of Professional Needs Mentoring, matching junior and senior feminists who can learn from one another. Click for more information and application instructions.