Announcing Details for the 2022 SWS Winter Meeting, January 27 – 30, 2022, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

2022 SWS Winter Meeting 

Thursday, January 27 – Sunday, January 30, 2022

Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico 

“Rethinking Feminist Sociologies in the Era of Global Pandemics”

SWS President-Elect, Roberta Villalón

SWS Program Committee Members: Alexis Grant-Panting; Andrea (Drea) S. Boyles; Chriss Sneed; Erika Busse-Cardenas; Erika Marquez; Esther Hernández-Medina; Ghassan Moussawi; Nancy López; Ӧzlem Altıok; stef shuster; Tracy Ore; Tristen Kade; Veronica Montes 

The 2022 SWS Winter Meeting will be taking place in person!!! We are contracting with the Hyatt Tamaya Resort & Spa at Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. You might recall that we had our Winter Meeting there in 2013 when Bandana Purkayastha was President. High vaccination rates, safety protocols, contributing to the Santa Ana Pueblo economy, and the beautiful location that offers a retreat-like experience for us to recharge as a feminist community guided our principles for making this selection. We will be contracting a room rate which is comparable to what SWS members paid for a room night at our last in-person meeting at Paradise Point in San Diego in 2020. Moreover, to address affordability, we will provide a series of mechanisms to help members offset travel costs. 

Recognizing that some members may not attend in person, we will have some virtual programming both before and after the 2022 Winter Meeting. We are also working out the details to have some of the programming live streamed or recorded for later viewing on our forthcoming YouTube Channel.  Stay tuned for updates and for the opening of the submission system. 

As in the past, we will offer childcare services, a lactation space, and gender-neutral restrooms, and we will accommodate dietary needs.  

Call for Papers 

The global pandemic unleashed by COVID-19 exacerbated pre-existing social inequalities while simultaneously generating intersecting issues across socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, geopolitical lines worldwide. As feminist sociologists, we were able to identify the inequalities that were intensified and were also ready to join forces with the many social movements devoted to dismantling systems and practices of oppression.  However, we were frustrated with the arbitrariness of local, national, regional and international policy-making, the widespread resistance to be informed by science and the persistence of disciplinary and partisan fragmentation and mutual distrust, all of which delayed or prevented the imperative need of bridging across differences to collectively address a global threat to humanity. Moreover, we were puzzled with the ontological and epistemological crisis that the coronavirus presented: assumptions about the form and nature of social reality as well as existing theories of knowledge and research methodologies were put into deep questioning. In our 2022 Winter Meeting, we will reflect on how this complex crisis challenges feminist sociologies. 

How should we rethink the way we do social science as feminist sociologists? How can feminist sociologists be more effective in advancing equity across geographical, political, economic, and intersecting social and cultural borders?  How can feminist sociologists work together and learn from/with social movements activists and public forces? How can we best understand and also contribute to collective solidarities? How can feminist sociologies do better to restore current and prevent future crises?  In this new historical time – one that has been described as the real beginning of the XXI century and labeled as ‘The Era of Global Pandemics’ by thinkers like Boaventura de Sousa Santos – we must urgently dismantle the forces that shaped history: from colonialism and capitalism (with its intimate accomplices, classism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism and more) to the anthropocene. How can we update our feminist sociologies so that, instead of reacting to the inconsistencies of a new era, we can imagine a different future by shaping it proactively and creatively in the present? How could we engage with critical interdisciplinary and humanistic traditions to further enhance our modes of thinking and theorizing? In short, how can we imagine liberatory feminist sociologies in our times? 

Join us in this joint reflection so that we can ensure that the relevance of feminist thought and practice becomes key to turning the page, end the era of extreme inequalities, and build alternative futures.  

We welcome abstract submissions for: 

  • Panels 
  • Workshops
  • Book Salons (preference of books published in 2020 onwards)
  • Roundtables (in-person or virtual) 
  • Poster Sessions (in-person or virtual)
  • Open format:
    • Photo essays
    • Poetry, theatre, scripts
    • Art 
    • Film/documentaries  
    • Media and Literary Criticisms
    • Other

Important Dates

Submissions Deadline: November 5th, 2021

Notices of Acceptance: November 30th, 2021

Registration Opens: December 1st, 2021 

Registration Costs 

Please keep in mind that SWS Meeting registration includes many networking opportunities that occur during mealtimes. We provide hearty hors d’oeuvres during the Thursday evening Welcome Reception, breakfasts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, lunch on Friday, and dinner on Saturday. We will have a place on our registration form where you will be able to indicate any dietary needs and we will work with the catering staff at the hotel to ensure that we can meet your needs.   

We recognize that meeting costs add up and SWS will subsidize the cost of 2022 Meeting Registration by 30%, 20% or 10% by those who request funds. If you can pay more than what we are asking, we will have the opportunity for members to add 30%, 20% or 10% to their registration fees if they can pay more. 

Cost for Registration 

  • $200,000+, $425 
  • $175,000-$199,999, $390 
  • $150,000-$174,999, $355 
  • $125,000-$149,999, $320 
  • $100,000-$124,999, $290 
  • $85,000-$99,999, $260 
  • $70,000-$84,999, $235 
  • $55,000-$69,999, $210 
  • $40,000-$54,999, $190 
  • less than $39,999, $170 
  • Retired, $130 
  • Student, $130 

Virtual Meeting Registration:
The total cost for virtual meeting registration for student members, retired members, and/or members with incomes under $40,000 will be $25 and virtual meeting registration for higher income members will be $50. This includes access to livestreamed/recorded book salons, plenaries, and participation in virtual roundtables and poster sessions.

Cost Share: We will have our usual cost share system in place, but we have decided to increase the maximum amount of funding you can request by $50. You can now be reimbursed up to $350 from SWS to cover the cost of transportation and the cost of your stay at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort & Spa at Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

We encourage those of you who need funds for travel to apply and those of you who might have extra funds leftover from your research or travel budgets to refrain from making this request from SWS.