2022 Winter Meeting Registration System is Now Open! Register Today for In-Person Meeting or for Virtual Programming

2022 SWS Winter Meeting

Thursday, January 27 – Sunday, January 30, 2022
Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

“Rethinking Feminist Sociologies in the Era of Global Pandemics”

SWS President-Elect, Roberta Villalón

SWS Program Committee Chair: Tracy Ore
SWS Program Committee Members: Alexis Grant-Panting; Andrea (Drea) S. Boyles; Chriss Sneed; Erika Busse-Cardenas; Erika Marquez; Esther Hernández-Medina; Ghassan Moussawi; Nancy López; Ӧzlem Altıok; stef shuster; Tristen Kade; Veronica Montes
SWS Local Arrangements Committee Members: Lisa Broidy, Georgiann Davis, Jessica Goodkind, Maricarmen Hernandez, Nancy López, Ranita Ray, and Assata Zerai

Form for in-person 2022 SWS Winter Meeting:


Registration Costs 

Please keep in mind that SWS Meeting registration includes many networking opportunities that occur during mealtimes. We provide hearty hors d’oeuvres during the Thursday evening Welcome Reception, breakfasts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, lunch on Friday, and dinner on Saturday. We will have a place on our registration form where you will be able to indicate any dietary needs and we will work with the catering staff at the hotel to ensure that we can meet your needs.

We recognize that meeting costs add up and SWS will subsidize the cost of 2022 Meeting Registration by 30%, 20% or 10% by those who request funds. If you can pay more than what we are asking, we will have the opportunity for members to add 30%, 20% or 10% to their registration fees if they can pay more.

Cost for Registration 

  • $200,000+, $425
  • $175,000-$199,999, $390
  • $150,000-$174,999, $355
  • $125,000-$149,999, $320
  • $100,000-$124,999, $290
  • $85,000-$99,999, $260
  • $70,000-$84,999, $235
  • $55,000-$69,999, $210
  • $40,000-$54,999, $190
  • less than $39,999, $170
  • Retired, $130
  • Student, $130

Form for virtual 2022 SWS Winter Meeting:


Virtual Meeting Registration:
The total cost for virtual meeting registration for student members, retired members, and/or members with incomes under $40,000 will be $25 and virtual meeting registration for higher income members will be $50. This includes access to livestreamed/recorded book salons, plenaries, and participation in virtual roundtables and poster sessions.

For more information on the 2022 Winter Meeting, please click here:

Winter Meeting 2022