2021 SWS Winter Meeting Registration System is Open

50 Years of SWS:

Embracing the Past, Analyzing the Present, Anticipating the Future

President-Elect, Mignon R. Moore

Photo of SWS President-Elect, Mignon R. Moore

January 27-January 31, 2021

To Be Hosted on: ePly Virtual Venue supported by MemberClicks

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2021 Winter Meeting Registration is Open to All SWS Members with 2021 SWS Membership
There is a voluntary registration fee and the optional opportunity to sponsor 2021 SWS Membership for your colleagues and students within the 2021 Winter Meeting Registration Form. 
Thanks to the generosity of our SWS Feminist Community, we are able to provide a limited number of 2021 SWS Memberships to those who would like to request a complimentary 2021 SWS Membership.
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Program Committee Chair: S.L. Crawley

Program Committee Members: Paulina García-Del Moral, Ashley Green, Rebecca Hanson, Erica Hill-Yates, Tristen Kade, Barret Katuna, Zakiya Luna, Ana Rael, Natasha Santana

Theme: The 2021 Winter Meeting will commemorate 50 years of SWS!  Our programming will focus on the contributions to and impact that SWS has made on the discipline of sociology as we celebrate the progress we have made. It will also look towards the future by exploring how to build and retain connections to one another in ways that will make everyone in our community feel visible, included and heard. We will emphasize three areas: (a) gender non-binary and trans scholars, and how to make their experiences and sociological research on these areas visibly important to the organization and beyond; (b) race and ethnicity, looking intersectionally when considering the experiences of women in society; and (c) social class and the needs of scholars from under-resourced institutions or who have limited economic means. We will consider ways they can participate more fully in the life of the organization. Gender, race and class continue to be at the forefront of considerations that must be attended to for SWS to continue to grow and flourish in the 21st century. We will honor and build on the foundational work of those who established the organization, while we recognize and work on those issues that will help SWS reach its full potential.

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All program participants (presenters, presiders, discussants, panelists, moderators, etc.) must be registered for the 2021 Winter Meeting by January 10, 2021. SWS Members with 2021 SWS Membership can register at no cost. You must pre-register in order to have access to the Virtual Venue.


Please direct questions to Barret Katuna, Executive Officer, at swseo.barretkatuna@outlook.com

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