The Mentoring Award

History and Overview

The mentoring award was established in 1990 to honor an SWS member who is an outstanding feminist mentor. While the word “mentoring” is commonly used to describe a faculty-student relationship, this award has shown the breadth of ways that feminists do mentoring. In establishing the award, SWS recognized that feminist mentoring is an important and concrete way to encourage feminist scholarship.

Feminist mentoring includes not only anticipating needs and providing concrete guidance and feedback for students and colleagues, but also:

  • compassion and guidance with regard to feminist concerns,
  • helping students and colleagues (junior and senior) to write and effectively communicate as authors, activists and teachers;
  • providing support, strategies and models for balancing family and work;
  • offering gendered understandings of institutional biases and strategies for overcoming them;
  • building formal and informal institutions that support feminist interests (personal, career research, and teaching);
  • a philosophy and practice of inclusion inside academia, especially with those most marginalized.        


The nominee and the nominator must be a current member of SWS.

Current officers and officers-elect of SWS are not eligible for nomination for this award, nor is the Editor of Gender & Society.

 The award will be presented during the SWS summer banquet during the ASA Annual Meeting. SWS awards the recipient a one-time honorarium of $500.

 The nomination packet should include:

  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae
  • One central nomination letter highlighting and summarizing the supporting materials
  • No more than 10 supporting letters should be included in the nomination packet.  One appropriate option is for a group of people to write one nomination letter and all sign it
  • All nomination letters should be submitted to the Chair of the Mentoring Awards Committee by March 1.
  • Nominators should include their complete contact information (e-mail, surface mail and telephone) in the packet.

 Benefits of Award

  • Plaque (awarded at summer awards banquet)
  • $500
  • Summer meeting registration and banquet ticket

Expectations for Award Winner

  • Attendance at Summer Awards Banquet
  • Serve on Awards committee for 3 years and as chair of the committee in the third year


Please note:  Nominators may submit the same file for three years in a row. Please ensure that the date of the letter reflects the first year the material was submitted. A new nomination can be made after a one-year break. It is the nominator’s responsibility to re-submit the nomination each year: files will not be automatically brought forward.

 Nominators may also contact the chair of the award committee prior to preparing material for the nomination for more information.

Nominations due March 1, 2017.


Please email Co-Chairs, Mike Messner and Nancy Jurik 

Who is missing? Nominate a feminist mentor today!

 Winners of the SWS Mentoring Award

  • 2016 — Beth Schneider
  • 2015 — Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo and Denise Segura
  • 2014 — Nancy Jurik and Michael A. Messner
  • 2013 — Christine Williams
  • 2012 — Laura Kramer and Wendy Simonds
  • 2011 — Sarah Fenstermaker and Nancy Naples
  • 2010 — Joya Misra
  • 2009 — Kum Kum Bhavnani and Michael Kimmel
  • 2008 — Marcia Texler Segal
  • 2007 — Linda Grant and Barbara Risman
  • 2006 — Judith Wittner
  • 2005 — Lora Bex Lempert
  • 2004 — Joey Sprague
  • 2003 — Bonnie Thornton Dill
  • 2002 — Allison Tom
  • 2001 — Sara R. Curran
  • 2000 — Esther Ngan-ling Chow
  • 1999 — Irene Padavic
  • 1998 — Eleanor Miller and Barbara Reskin
  • 1997 — Myra Ferree and Beth Hess
  • 1996 — Judith Lorber
  • 1995 — Barbara Katz Rothman and Verta Taylor
  • 1994 — Donileen Loseke
  • 1993 — Barrie Thorne
  • 1992 — Rachel Rosenfeld
  • 1991 — Rachel Kahn-Hut (first recipient)