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Dr. Mangala Subramaniam Named YMCA Woman of Distinction

Congratulations to SWS Past-Treasurer, Mangala Subramaniam, who was recently named as one of the YMCA Women of Distinction! Please click the link below to read more:

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Preliminary Program for Winter Meeting 2017 Now Available!

The Preliminary Program for the 2017 Winter Meeting is now available. This program is subject to change, so please visit the Winter Meeting page for the most up-to-date information.

Beth B. Hess Scholarship

Know an excellent PhD student who began at a community college or tech school? Check out the Beth B. Hess Memorial Scholarship

SWS Tells Arkansas That We Will Not Hold Our Meetings There If It Has Discriminatory Laws On The Books


Dear Governor Hutchinson,

We are writing to you as leaders of the professional academic organization Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS; We have been watching the debates over the discriminatory Religious Freedom and Restoration Act HB1228 that has passed the legislature in your state with great concern.

Every year, SWS holds an annual conference in February that is attended by approximately 350 people over a 5 day period and is expected to generate several hundred thousand dollars in revenue for the host city. We are currently considering the Little Rock Marriott for our Winter 2016 conference.

However, we have many members who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender who would feel quite frankly scared to visit a state with a law such as HB1228 in place and, as an organization, SWS is opposed to discrimination. We understand that you have sent the bill back to the legislature to be “fixed.”

We want you to know that should a new version of HB1228 pass the Arkansas legislature and be signed into law that in any way sanctions discrimination by permitting the denial of public services of any kind to gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people or to other minorities, we will no longer be able to consider Arkansas and the Little Rock Marriott as a viable location for our Winter 2016 conference or for any future conferences.


Mary Bernstein


Jerry Jacobs and Kathleen Gerson


Wanda Rushing



  • Ashley Cheneval, Sales Coordinator, Little Rock Marriott

  • Jay Chesshir, President & CEO

Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Mayor Mark Stodola, Little Rock Arkansas