SWS Members Leading the ASA

Sociologists for Women in Society would like to congratulate the following SWS members who were elected to serve in the 2017 American Sociological Association elections. 



  • Mary Romero, Arizona State University

Committee on Publications 

  • Mary Bernstein, University of Connecticut
  • Nancy A. Naples, University of Connecticut
  • Abigail C. Saguy, University of California, Los Angeles

Committee on Nominations 

  • Cedric de Leon, Providence College
  • Melissa A. Milkie, University of Toronto

Opportunities in Retirement Network 

  • Marcia Texler Segal, Indiana University Southeast


Medical Sociology

  • Career and Employment Committee Chair: Katrina Kimport, University of California, San Francisco

Sociological Theory

  • Council Member: Rhacel Parrenas, University of Southern California

Sex and Gender

  • Chair-Elect: Abigail Saguy, UCLA
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Laurel Westbrook, Grand Valley State University
  • Council Member: Caitlyn Collins, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Student Council Member:  LaToya Council, University of Southern California

Sociological Practice and Public Sociology

  • Chair-Elect: Leslie Hossfeld, Mississippi State University
  • Council Member: Mindy Fried, Arbor Consulting Partners

Collective Behavior and Social Movements

  • Chair-Elect: Jo Reger, Oakland University

Racial and Ethnic Minorities

  • Council Member: Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, University of Massachusetts-Boston

Asia and Asian America

  • Council Members:
    • Minjeong Kim, San Diego State University
    • Victoria Reyes, University of California, Riverside

Communication and Information Technologies

  • Chair-Elect: Deana Rohlinger, Florida State University

Sociology of Religion

  • Council Member: Rachel Rinaldo, University of Colorado, Boulder

Race, Gender, and Class

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Vrushali Patil, Florida International University

Sociology of Sexualities

  • Chair-Elect: Carla A. Pfeffer, University of South Carolina
  • Council Member: Tristan Bridges, The College at Brockport
  • Student Representatives:
    • Tony Silva, University of Oregon
    • Andrea Herrera, University of Oregon

Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

  • Council Member: Amelia Hill, UCLA

Body and Embodiment

  • Chair-Elect: Linda Blum, Northeastern University
  • Council:  Kjerstin Gruys, University of Nevada

Sociology of Development

  • Council Member: Kristy Kelly, Columbia University/Drexel University