CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Feminist Activism Awardee Campus Visit.

We, Sociologists for Women in Society, are delighted to acknowledge our 2016 Feminist Activism Awardee Dr. Kris De Welde who is prepared to visit a U. S. campus in the coming months. She will deliver a talk entitled: The Relevance, Reward, and Risk of Feminist Activism in the Academy.  

Visitation Window: August-December 2017

An overview of her talk is as follows: Through examples of activism that garnered Kris De Welde the SWS 2016 Feminist Activism Award, she will engage participants in conversations about why feminist activism within higher education is relevant to both the academy and the communities outside of it.  She will review concrete examples of the rewards and risks associated with engaging in this work and will strive to inspire others to engage in social justice activism on their campuses. Besides her talk, she will gladly meet with students, faculty, and community members who are interested in or involved with justice in academic settings.

Sociologists for Women in Society will pay all transportation costs of Dr. De Welde’s visit. The host campus is asked to provide room and board, that is, a place to stay for one or two days and nights and the provision of meals.

If you are interested in hosting a campus visit, please submit an application by June 1, 2017, by email to Distinguished Feminist Activism Award Committee Chair Patricia Yancey Martin ( An application should include the following:

  1. An explanation of your interest in hosting Dr. De Welde’s visit and the merits of awarding a campus visitation to your school
  2. A description of activities you will arrange for the awardee’s visit on your campus.
  3. The number of days you would like the awardee to stay & tentative dates, with alternatives
  4. Your target audience for the presentation
  5. A description of how you will financially provide for the room and board of the awardee

The selection committee will look especially favorably on campuses committed to gaining the widest possible audience for these visits. While not required, plans to do one or more of the following will enhance the case for the applicant:

  • collaboration with other departments or programs on campus
  • multiple-campus cooperation
  • community partnerships

Kris De Welde is Associate Dean of University-wide Programs and Faculty Engagement and Professor of Sociology at Florida Gulf Coast University, with a Ph. D. in sociology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She focuses on intersectional inequalities in higher education, reproductive rights, and the scholarship of teaching and learning and, recently, she co-edited a book titled Disrupting the Culture of Silence: Women Navigating Hostility and Making Change in Higher Education. She regularly conducts workshops on diversity and inclusion in higher education and presents at professional and academic conferences. Her free time is taken up with cycling, yoga, her family, and (she says) “ridiculous” cats.