SWS Post-Election Statement

As members of Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS), we want to affirm our feminist anti-racist values and our commitment to social justice. The troubling political climate amplified by the 2016 Presidential Election has left us shaken and concerned for the well-being of our students, our members and their communities.

As SWS, we strongly affirm that differences are a source of strength and empathy, not a weakness or a reason for suspicion. We reject racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism and all attempts to demean, dehumanize, stereotype, and disparage any human beings.  We also strongly reject efforts to trivialize sexual assault and all forms of violence against women, deny climate change, and threaten mass deportation and internment, or any attempt to undermine ours and our communities’ safety and well-being.

We affirm that critical research, feminist pedagogy and activism, and anti-racist community efforts are urgently needed for tackling the uncharted political terrain of the moment. We affirm freedom of speech as a means of standing up and speaking out for disadvantaged and marginalized members of society.

As scholars and activists, SWS members have the research tools and knowledge to mobilize and empower an engaged citizenry through our teaching and writing about structural inequalities and biases.  Indeed, we have the responsibility to share this knowledge, not only within our classrooms but also through community engagement to help bridge the divides that separate us. We also have the responsibility to stand up for students, scholars and activists among us who are most vulnerable in the current political climate.

We call upon our members to continue working for social justice and to be bold, courageous, engaged, and supportive as we face the days ahead.

In Solidarity,

Sociologists for Women in Society